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Wayne 276 Then & Now

Posted By: gasmelincelr

Wayne 276 Then & Now - Wed Jul 10 2019 05:38 PM

I hope to get my 276 put back together someday. These photos show how it looks today and what it looked like around ninety-five years ago.It was likely the grand opening.

Attached picture BBAE9356-C9B5-4B6E-BC3D-B1DD2F0B8505.jpeg
Attached picture 8F3F4D8B-3832-4141-B6F4-52DF4B054D24.jpeg
Attached picture B834C82E-FACE-4BCB-B54D-B1C995CF0A83.jpeg
Attached picture 0941C7DE-6CF8-44A2-8985-E29A168210E6.jpeg
Posted By: SandPCollector

Re: Wayne 276 Then & Now - Wed Jul 10 2019 06:05 PM

Best of luck with your project. Has this pump been in your family all these years?
Posted By: gasmelincelr

Re: Wayne 276 Then & Now - Wed Jul 10 2019 07:03 PM

I bought it from the original family around 2014. It got hit by a car around 1980 so the lower section and the two internal pipes are pretty tweaked.
Posted By: Alex

Re: Wayne 276 Then & Now - Wed Jul 10 2019 07:12 PM

As a fan of Texaco, I think this is a neat project. I have not seen a price sign like the one in the original photo. Keep us updated.
Posted By: buzzy56

Re: Wayne 276 Then & Now - Wed Jul 10 2019 07:45 PM

Going to be nice when finished . Can’t get enough Texaco smile !
Posted By: Speedracer

Re: Wayne 276 Then & Now - Thu Jul 11 2019 01:51 AM

I’ve had those, and moved them (I just sold one at CTO). I honestly wonder if the car that hit it is in worse shape than the pump.....?? Lol. Those suckers are heavy and solid.

Good luck with your project. Post more pics when it’s done.

Posted By: kjsplichal67

Re: Wayne 276 Then & Now - Fri Jul 12 2019 02:59 PM

Posted By: gasmelincelr

Re: Wayne 276 Then & Now - Mon Aug 05 2019 12:09 AM

A big thank you to Mike H. for selling me the parts I needed to get my 276 back on its feet. I spent the last week doing surgery on the beast. I put a Gill globe on it to pretty it up. If anyone has a beat up period correct globe for sale please shoot me a private message. I don’t think I’m going to do a restoration. It can continue to rust in peace. If anyone can re-post the sideways photos right side up I’d appreciate it. The gas caps in the one photo are ones I found in the same spot when I got the pump opened for the first time. The signs are original to the pump and an unusual size at 17”. My lovely wife was nice enough to pose like the old photo I have. Thanks for taking a look.

Attached picture 85FBE8E8-B9DA-4194-91A4-C2783AADB05E.jpeg
Attached picture E86E9FF7-27F2-4C98-92B5-02CC242901D0.jpeg
Attached picture 8CBA04F9-70DA-45D8-BF60-9988CE4BE55D.jpeg
Attached picture FD459DE9-5907-4EA3-97CE-B90BB5A61705.jpeg
Posted By: gasmelincelr

Re: Wayne 276 Then & Now - Mon Aug 05 2019 10:52 AM

I figured out the photo problem and found a photo of how the pump looked when I found it.

Attached picture D8A51CFA-2579-48FD-9820-005DCE933DE5.jpeg
Attached picture 0846CB92-6177-4370-BA9A-4B69A5AA5E97.jpeg
Attached picture 5D4FB4A6-02F8-4E25-8456-99BCD9EC38EE.jpeg
Posted By: gas pump hobbyist

Re: Wayne 276 Then & Now - Thu Aug 08 2019 05:41 PM

You’re welcome Brian. Nice job
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