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new camera?

Posted By: Jarvis

new camera? - Fri Dec 27 2002 04:47 PM

I wasn't for sure how these would look. Here is a little more of my basement. Oh, the globes on the pool table... i don't have a shelf yet for them and that's not where they sit. I just put them in there for the picture.


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Posted By: Lastgas15

Re: new camera? - Sat Dec 28 2002 12:10 AM

Great set up John. I really like the globes!
Posted By: Oldgas

Re: new camera? - Sat Dec 28 2002 12:51 AM

Most digital cameras have software bundled with the camera that can crop and resize the images. Or, there are a number of under $100 image editing programs like Photo Impact that you can buy. Photoshop and Macromedia Fireworks are used by most pros but they are expensive and Photoshop takes a while to learn.
Your image is over 1600 pixels wide and over 1000k (a megabyte) in file size. One of the most popular computer screen sizes is 600 x 800. Because of scrollbars and toolbars, there is actually much less than that left as viewable space on the browser. 360 x 480 is a nice size that most users can see without scrolling and can usually be a much smaller file size for quicker transfer for dial-up users. File size can be adjusted by adjusting the compression on jpg images. 80% compression gives a nice sharp image that is much smaller file size than 100%(no compression).
Your images don't have an extension like .jpg, .gif or .png. If you don't include the appropriate extension in the file name, many browsers won't know how to display it.
Hope that helps,

Your host and moderator
Posted By: Jarvis

Re: new camera? - Sat Dec 28 2002 03:58 PM

Ok, Gary Drye started it with a request from Dwaine to post some collections. Mine is as simple as they get! All common stuff but the fun was getting it and showing it and talking to you guys and other in the hobby about it. I even had fun trying to post pictures and playing with my new camera as you all could see. Bring on the collections! common, rare, just one pump post it for us to see.
Posted By: pumpman2

Re: new camera? - Sat Dec 28 2002 08:02 PM

Hey JARVIS great basement.I like all the toys you have around the room.I imagine that sofa must be a sleeper cause you never would want to come up out of there.Hope someday to have a place fixed up for my stuff so I can send pictures.GREAT STUFF.JERRY

Posted By: Jim Winter

Re: new camera? - Sun Dec 29 2002 02:01 AM


Great room! Is that a Seeburg 222 next to the sofa? Nice variety in your collection.

Jim Winter
Posted By: Gary Drye

Re: new camera? - Mon Dec 30 2002 12:25 AM

And you have only been collecting two years! Better hurry up and get that barn ready for more stuff. Great collection John.
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