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Posted By: tom 2 tone

WAYNE 60 SHOWCASE - Sun Jan 05 2003 07:51 PM

its been a awesome year so far 2003!!! i hit an antique shop yesterday thats moving & bought a MINT original complete stoner jr. candy machine for $200.00. i never jewed em down a penny!!! BUT my SUPER find was out on a farm 10 miles from my house. i got myself a wayne 60 showcase pump thats COMPLETE & straight both doors/locks/globe holder. only 1 bullet hole! but 2 nice mobil shield signs on it. its got 10 or more coats of latex paint on it. they always kept it painted even after they retired it. i bought it verrrrry very reasonable!!! -- *** heres my new way to find good pumps: drive out in the country. "and get lost" ALWAYS turn on the road that looks like it goes nowhere!!! take the road that disappears. last time i took a road that looked like it went nowhere i went up a small hill, the road twisted around and down i came to this real big farm/junk yard full of treasures! the back of my elcamino was draggin when i left that place. - this wayne 60 was also on a road i avoided for years. i took this disappearing road that ended as a dead end. the showcase was mounted on a slab perfectly centered in my elcamino grill. i ran up to the house door and owned it! ( how do i send picture?)

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Posted By: Dwaine Buck

Re: WAYNE 60 SHOWCASE - Sun Jan 05 2003 10:08 PM

Thats the way I've alwayed done it , just talk to 'um. post pictures . send and explain where you want it put , to : shoptalk@oldgas.com . great find . your lucky Tim Rohr didn't beat you to it .
Posted By: tom 2 tone

Re: WAYNE 60 SHOWCASE - Wed Jan 08 2003 02:25 AM

thanks for info on gettin the pic. on. i cant believe nobody ever found this one before me. a wayne 60 is hard enough to find anymore! much less a showcase. im afraid ive used up ALL MY LUCK for the WHOLE rest of the year. i buffed out the stoner candy machine. added some candy bars & it looks & works great. hey thanks for adding picture!
Posted By: huskybob

Re: WAYNE 60 SHOWCASE - Wed Jan 08 2003 03:54 AM

It was a pretty good story before the picture.... and now its even better.... nice find and thanks for posting a pic.
Posted By: Gary Drye

Re: WAYNE 60 SHOWCASE - Wed Jan 08 2003 12:22 PM

What a great find! It already looks restored. The original Mobil signs are just iceing on the cake on this one. Even if your luck has run out for the year, which I doubt, you have done exceptionally well. I had the exact same experience a few years ago. I was folowing up a lead on a visible pump and drove and drove on old back roads. When I finally decided to give up, I said the very next driveway, which were few and far between, I came to, I would turn around and head home. I came upon a drive and as I turned in, there sat a Wayne 60. I was lucky enough to purchase it. Wish it had been a showcase though like yours.
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