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Posted By: Gasboy New Games room incl. pumps, some custom - Sun Apr 28 2002 05:51 PM
Hi Everyone. After three years of collecting I had run out of room so I had to put up a new building to put the stuff in. Items include a custom built gas pump intertainment center featuring a VCR & DVD player. Sound system is prewired in the walls and puts out 200 watts. Custom cooler, National Cash registers, slot machines, pedal car display with gasboy pumps on island, pinball machines and other stuff. I would especially like to thank Betty, Frank, Bud, Jim, Roch and Ron for helping me with my collection and to the Canadian Service Station Memorabilia Association and the Oldgas site for helping me stay interested in collecting. If ever in Newfoundland, Canada, drop in and see it in person. Have a great day. Paul http://imagehost.auctionwatch.com/bin/viewimage.x/00000000/trucks/pic7.jpg

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Posted By: Jarvis Re: New Games room incl. pumps, some custom - Mon Apr 29 2002 01:07 AM
Looks great Paul, For only 3 years of collecting you have been very busy. I wish I could dedicate that much time to my stuff. Keep up the great work. John
Posted By: dean balduff Re: New Games room incl. pumps, some custom - Mon Apr 29 2002 01:17 AM
Very nice collection!
Posted By: michigandon Re: New Games room incl. pumps, some custom - Fri Jul 26 2002 04:34 AM
Hi Paul. I really like that Esso pump! I have a Tokheim 39 that I am considering doing up the same way, but I haven't quite made up my mind yet.

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