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Posted By: Axeman Electric Guts for G&B T-176 - Wed Apr 30 2008 10:33 PM
Hi folks!

Well, I've went and done it -- bought one of them thar fool big old gas pumps so as to lend my workshop that certain air of "authenticity" (a latin word that transaltes: 'someone who has more money than good sense.')

While in good shape overall, someone has completely removed the entire electrical hookup: conduit, clamps, brackets, bulb sockets...I got nothin.

Are there any good diagrams that show what should be in here to carry the friendly volts up to the globe and then hold it there?
Posted By: Dick Bennett Re: Electric Guts for G&B T-176 - Wed Apr 30 2008 11:12 PM
Make room while ya can, one AIN'T never enough.
1/2" ridged conduit, very similar in shape to the WAYNE 515/519/615 pumps w/ a notched "L" shaped bracket attached to cylinder lid [under bonnet].
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