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Where's all the pumps?

Posted By: Jarvis

Where's all the pumps? - Wed Oct 03 2001 12:23 AM

This is one area that doesn't get used much i have noticed. I know that there is a lot of pumps being restored but no one shows them off. It doesn't matter if it is common or rare pump. In the books that i have, the one thing that there isn't much of and that is colored pictures of pumps. I am new to the hobby and enjoy seeing other peoples restorations. Start posting some pumps!

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Posted By: Oldgas

Re: Where's all the pumps? - Sun Oct 07 2001 03:33 PM

I agree, Jarvis!

If any of you are not sure about how to post images of your gas pump, signs or other petro/auto service memorabilia, just ask me for help.
This should be a place where lots of collectors show stuff in their collection. I would enjoy seeing the pictures and I'm certain that everyone in our Oldgas.com community would enjoy them as well. Don't be shy about showing stuff that isn't perfect or extremely rare. Many enthusiasts don't often get to see even the items that you might consider common.
On the main page of each Shop Talk forum category there is a link above the topic list for help with adding images. Give it a try. If you can't make it work, I'll make it work.

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