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very nice collection!!!

Posted By: Jarvis

very nice collection!!! - Thu Sep 19 2002 01:05 AM

I was looking through oldgas's website and saw this collection and i know some people haven't seen this and thought this has to be one of the best collections around and it needs to be here under showcase. collectables
Posted By: Dwaine Buck

Re: very nice collection!!! - Fri Sep 20 2002 03:38 AM

all this stuff is great , but lets not confuse a persons collection with a dealers inventory , we have guys out here also how has a lot of money ,they go around the country an buy others collections and displays them , but theyv'e never turned a wrench , sprayed paint,chipped paint or rust , they just bought , but i like it ,
Posted By: Flathead

Re: very nice collection!!! - Fri Sep 20 2002 04:08 AM

I agree with Dwaine, anyone with money can look like they've spent a lifetime collecting, all they really want is to impress their friends and mess it up for the real collectors.
Posted By: Jarvis

Re: very nice collection!!! - Fri Sep 20 2002 07:20 AM

Flathead used the word real collectors, I know of some guys that are big collectors and don't sell anything and only buy and have a lot of there stuff done by others but this doesn't make them any less of a collector than me. They just have money so they don't have to wrench on them. When a guy goes through as much time to display his collection or inventory like Falvo than he must love petro. I also know of some guys that go out and hunt and wrench only to sell to these guys that you are talking about and to me some of these guys I don't consider real collectors and are only in it for the money. I guess these guys are past the day of going to the front door of a farmer and asking him if he is interested in selling his pump. You are also talking to a guy that is a 3 year gas veteran married to an accountant and buys on a budget. I get so much per week and if I want a $500 globe than it takes months to save up and my wife feels like that is to much. I guess the only difference I see is I have to watch how much I spend and some have an unlimited budget.
Posted By: Morgan

Re: very nice collection!!! - Fri Sep 20 2002 12:55 PM

Budget???? Saywha? It's more of a mental illness for some of us!! I've found myself in the past actually loosing sleep over a globe I was wanting to buy. I decided that was not healthy, spent more than I should have and slept well. At least until my wife found out. HA.

John, a question for you. Did you restore your cigarette machine or buy it in that condition? Great looking collection you have going there! Post some more pics when you can. Thanks.
Posted By: Jarvis

Re: very nice collection!!! - Fri Sep 20 2002 08:05 PM

Morgan, It is a National Candy machine with the side slots for lifesavers. I restored it also and it works ... takes dimes. I also have an old Coke machine down here that takes dimes and a Seeburg jukebox that takes dimes. The coke machine has Ski and Busch light and Coors light bottles. I had a nice Stoner candy machine but it was to tall so I got rid of it plus the money to buy it came from my "gas fund" so selling it let me buy something else. LOL I know the feeling about loosing sleep... I just bought a Southwest 40 with an org. D-X Boron globe and it was killing me but I got it. I finally found a pump with an org. globe out there and know where there is another pump with an org. globe it's a G&B T-176 with a gill Texaco globe but I can't get it.
Posted By: rext@worldnet.att.net

Re: very nice collection!!! - Sat Sep 21 2002 04:39 AM

How in the world can anyone say anything negative about Falvo's collection? Or how can anyone classify all big collectors as "people who haven't turned a wrench, sprayed paint, etc." It doesn't take just money, but a long time and a lot or work to get a collection like his. Some collectors prefer to keep their things in the original condition and not have them redone like you suggest. You have to be very involved to acquire and display a collection like his. Some people have a lot of money, but that doesn't mean that they haven't worked very hard. The American way is to work hard and be successful. I have always enjoyed the enthusiasm of the people in our hobby. Whether they just have two signs or a large collection. Everyone is proud of what they have.
His collection was posted over a year ago and enjoyed many positive responses. A lot has happened since then and maybe that is what has generated the negative comments.

Posted By: Ralph Falvo

Re: very nice collection!!! - Sun Sep 22 2002 03:48 PM

Thank-you for the positive comments on our collection. This is a personal collection that my wife and I have built up over the last 10+ years. The negative comments are a bit disturbing but that is the price you have to pay whenever you put something on display, there are the people that appreciate the display for what it is, and there are the people that want to pick it apart. Because a guy has a large collection doesn't mean I don't wrench on the stuff. I have rebuilt all of the restored pumps and pop machines in the collection, with a few exceptions. I don't paint the pumps myself but I disassemble and sand blast them and put them back together.I also have cleaned, polished and hung every sign in the collection. We also have a collection of unrestoresd pumps and pop machines that will likely stay that way because they look great the way they are.
As Morgan said it's a mental illness but I love it and hopefully they don't put me away too soon because I am still having fun. The fun part of collecting is finding that pump or sign and the story that goes along with it.
If you want to come and vist, I am in Edmonton Alberta Canada. rjf@falvo.com
Posted By: Dwaine Buck

Re: very nice collection!!! - Sun Sep 22 2002 09:17 PM

the way you have your website displayed made me think that you were a dealer , it looks very professional, you've done a great job .
I'm envious , now that we know you can turn a wrench , maybe you would like to answer some of these questions that are asked on the talk shop and have fun with us ,
Posted By: kmann

Re: very nice collection!!! - Tue Sep 24 2002 03:32 PM

i love how fast some of you were to jump the gun on falvo... yeah right !!!.... two things i gotta say... to ralph and mrs. falvo.. absolutely awesome... to the rest of you... be happy with what you got !!!
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