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Thank You Kevin Frith

Posted By: 1965CHPCSP

Thank You Kevin Frith - Tue Dec 24 2013 01:55 PM

Most of you will remember my "Help Me" post concerning my Grandpa's Service Station shortly after the passing of my Dad. I was looking for a Hayes Visible and a pair of Wayne 60 wide frame pumps. The help and support everyone gave me was very much appreciated. Dick Bennett gave me some leads to call concerning pumps and out of the clear blue sky I get a PM from Kevin Frith offering a pair of Wayne 60 Wide Frame Pumps in extremely good original condition. We agreed on a price and Kevin put me in touch with the freight company he uses and Bingo, the pumps arrived last week and they are exceptional. They are so nice I am considering keeping them as is and adding Ad Glass and distressed decals / original pump plates to match what my Grandpa's would have looked like today.
I can't say enough about the OldGas neighborhood and the quality of people that have helped me along the way.
But, a very special THANK YOU to KEVIN FRITH. He is truly one of the good guys and I want him to know I appreciate what he has done for me and what he does for this hobby.

Now here's hoping Santa brings me a Hayes Visible and and a matching pair of gas pump nozzles for the Wayne 60's!

Mike Bukowski
Posted By: VEEDOL_AL1

Re: Thank You Kevin Frith - Tue Dec 24 2013 09:33 PM

great story!!!!! I agree with you on our OLD GAS members,Dick and Kevin are 2 of the best..they both have helped me out many times!!!

Posted By: bsplichal95

Re: Thank You Kevin Frith - Tue Dec 24 2013 10:13 PM

Good to hear. OldGas is a great place to meet great people.
Posted By: Greasyboy1970

Re: Thank You Kevin Frith - Thu Dec 26 2013 11:52 AM

Good deal Mike! Happy you found a couple pumps you needed. Kevin and Dick are very valuable assets to this site for sure! Good luck on the Hayes! One will show up for you I'm sure.
Posted By: K W FRITH

Re: Thank You Kevin Frith - Fri Dec 27 2013 08:15 PM

Pretty high praise from Mike that will be hard to live up to!
I was glad to help, but I also had a couple of pumps that needed to be sold! Granted, they were extremely nice pumps and I always go thru all of my sale pumps and repair any damage and make sure everything works well, like the computers! I wanted to make sure he would be pleased when the pumps landed at his door!
North American Van Lines does a great job on shipping and with 2 pumps going to the same location, their pricing is tremendous! It took less than 7 days to get the pumps from my door to Mikes! It doesn't always work that well, but the planets were in alignment that week!
I've always guaranteed satisfaction on anything I'm selling and maybe that makes me work harder to avoid any problems. Anyway, I'm tickled that you liked the pumps Mike, and hope I can live up to your praise! Thank you so much!
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