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Posted By: Steven C. visible pump quesiton - Sun Mar 30 2014 04:01 PM
I ran into this in a retail shop. Pretty cool. Looked like a slightly older restoration to me. Stupid me forgot to check if the cylinder was glass or plastic. But it made me wonder, is there any way to determine if the skins are original or repops? I assume they were repop based on their condition. They were very straight and rust free from what I could tell.
Also, are there repop cylinders that are glass?

Another sillier question struck my mind. I assume the operator would pump the handle which would in turn fill the cylinder to the desired amount, correct?
How many pumps does it take to fill 10 gallons?

FWIW, they had it marked down from $2250 or something to $1900 which included the globe. Which I believe may have been real.

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Posted By: hobbies4howie Re: visible pump quesiton - Sun Mar 30 2014 05:13 PM
Usually you can tell if skins are repop by how smooth they are. In my experience, original skins will not be quite as smooth to the touch and you may even be able to see some pitting with the naked eye even if they have been painted by a professional.......They do make repop glass cylinders now......I think the Sunoco globe in the picture is a repop. I don't think they were ever originally made in 13.5" lenses......The pump handle looks like a repop for a Wayne 515 not the 615 it is on.....Not sure how many pumps it would take to fill cylinder.
Posted By: Steven C. Re: visible pump quesiton - Sun Mar 30 2014 06:59 PM
Originally Posted By: hobbies4howie
I don't think they were ever originally made in 13.5" lenses...

Great point!! I should have known that!! From what I've seen on the CD, all the Sunoco lenses are 15". So your probably correct.
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