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Posted By: blacktee TEXACO FANTASY - Tue Apr 26 2016 11:32 AM
3rd one I've seen and I hardly ebay anymore. A good friend 80 year old bought this this winter not knowing... ***** me off !


272224267829 I don't know if we can report it ?
Posted By: advertologist Re: TEXACO FANTASY - Tue Apr 26 2016 12:27 PM
sign of subject: .. ... cool

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Posted By: Keystone Gas Man Re: TEXACO FANTASY - Tue Apr 26 2016 02:06 PM
India junk again... This has to stop.
Posted By: Bob Richards Re: TEXACO FANTASY - Tue Apr 26 2016 04:47 PM
Doug, you know I love you like a Brother; but what would you report the sign as?

The Seller, doesn't claim that it is "original nor real".... And even if he/she/they did say it was "original"; they would be technically correct. The sign is an "original fantasy"... As to being "vintage"; they aged it and that took an amount of time; so by the time they sell the sign it meets the "requirements" of being "vintage" as the term is being used now days...

Buyers and Sellers raised these same concerns about signage that came out of the Far East in the 50s-70s... From the European Market (mostly Eastern European Countries) in the 70s and 80s... From Mexico and South America in the late 90s, early 2000s... And now signs from India and Bangladesh; signs that have been hitting the Marketplace for close to a decade...

Maybe someday; People will not get taken by those, a good portion of the Hobby, me included, consider "Scam Artists".

I'm sorry that your friend got taken; an expensive lesson that in a "Perfect World" would not have happened...

We CAN NOT stop these makers of items, what they are doing is legal and even encouraged by the Indian Government. (more taxable revenue, coming into the Country).. As long as they don't claim they are "Authentic Original" items... They are not breaking any American Laws... And the way the Trademark Laws of the United States read; it is up to the individual Company's or their Agents to file Suit in American, World Court and Indian Courts; to attempt to get satisfaction against the maker of an item... So, it is not worth the trouble and/or money spent verses the money recovered...

This maybe my last post on Oldgas, as I seem to have run afoul of the "Powers to Be".. Because I posted a For Sale thread for Dwaine Buck... Man, I wish the Membership would grow up and quit acting like 3 yr olds....

What was done in the past, is the past!!!! Life is too short to hold onto old grudges!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted By: blacktee Re: TEXACO FANTASY - Wed Apr 27 2016 12:21 AM

Hi Bob

I wrote "I don't know if we can report it ?" Just that nothing more. This ***** makes me sick to my stomach, especially when we're talking 80 years !

Don't let the few morons stop you from posting because of your one for sale post... Every day this all becomes less fun...
Posted By: Bob Richards Re: TEXACO FANTASY - Wed Apr 27 2016 01:42 AM
Doug, I know that it hurts more when the one taken is a friend! And I know you have a "kind heart" for those in the Hobby and for those who "test the waters"....

I wasn't meaning to jump on you, I know that I am pretty gruff most times in my responses!..
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