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Posted By: +Chris Holt

Shipping Prices - Sun Apr 13 2008 07:36 PM

I've been buying Oil cans off E-Bay for some time now with little or no change in shipping prices up untill about the first of the year, Thats when the shipping cost that some of these sellers are asking went through the roof . a Can from Canada normally would be 6.50 to ship to Michigan , Now from the same part of Canada the seller now wants 22.80 thats robbery , its not limited to one seller or one country either ,an empty can from a Texas seller is 18.25 , How Can Dick Bennett ship me a can for 5.00 Thats from California to Michigan and an empty quart from Taxas is 18.25 Give me a break , most of the cans that I'm looking at have shipping cost well over 12.00 for an empty can .and don't tell me it's handling Because these cans are not coming in new boxes with bubble wrap , there coming in Junk boxes that have been through the mail at least 25 times and there wraped in newspaper. I picked up 4 cans on a Trip into Canada last week and if you figure in what I payed in Gas and the cost of the Ferry ride over I still made out better than if I had bought them off ebay from some seller that wants to squeeze me for more money. I'm just about ready to call ebay quits . The best one was when I contacted a seller and asked if he could give me a break on the shipping price of 16.00 if I bought 3 of his cans He said no its 16.00 per can no matter how many I buy. well I've Vented enough sorry for Yelling
Posted By: Dick Bennett

Re: Shipping Prices - Sun Apr 13 2008 08:19 PM

I hear ya Chris.
I have quit bidding on cans when shipping listed is over $9.00 [even on full cans].
Some sellers act like they make a Special trip for every item sold, to PO or UPS, when most are shipping from Home. Get a job outside of home where ya have to buy gas to go to work.
I've had sellers ask for feedback 1st. B.S. I refuse to leave Feedback 1st as a buyer, so my # is low. WHOOPIE.

Anyone wanting me to repair mailed [ebay/other] cans, have them mailed to me [to save some on shipping, just let me know to expect them]. I'll repair & mail them out to you. Usually mailed out within 1 week [Stover's was an exception, Sorry Tom ]. Send me a Doz cans [or re-lids] for repair & I'll PAY the return shipping.

** NEED A LID ? **
W/ 4oz., 1 qt., Imp. qt, 6 5/8" dia.Gallon & 5qt Re-lidding. Solid or slotted bank lids.
Posted By: bettin

Re: Shipping Prices - Sun Apr 13 2008 10:01 PM

I don't know how much a full quart can of oil weighs when properly packed - "properly" being up to interpretation.

Box size and weight both matter. Insurance costs can matter also.

According to the USPS, UPS and FedEx websites, rates including the following parameters:

1. NO box or packing expense

2. NO Insurance or return receipt

3. Residential delivery

4. Shipper dropping off package to a company staffed location

5. Shipping from zip code 93060 (Santa Paula) to zip code 48079 (St. Clair, MI)


Box size 10x10x10 (again NO insurance)

3 pounds - $7.93 parcel post (personally I'd never use)

- $10.55 Priority mail

- $12.14 UPS Ground

- $10.63 FedEx Ground

5 pounds - $10.50 parcel post

- $15.85 Priority mail

- $13.45 UPS Ground

- $11.74 FedEx Ground


Box Size 14x14x10 (no insurance)

3 pounds - $26.35 Priority mail

- $12.14 UPS Ground

- $10.63 FedEx GRound

5 pounds - $26.35 Priority Mail

- $13.45 UPS

- $11.74 FedEx Ground


Add applicable insurance costs and return receipt charges, etc to above amounts.

Probably different considerations to shipping a $300 oilcan versus a couple of $5 qts.

Most people shipping regularly, reuse available boxes, but still buy must buy 40-90% of the boxes they use for shipping, and average the box costs over all shipments.

Most regular shippers also buy peanuts, bubble wrap, strapping tape (good scotch strapping tape is $4-6 per roll), and other materials.

Most regular shippers would probably guesstimate average material costs per box shipped, at $4-5 if buying 60% of their boxes new.

- new boxes will always have better cardboard strength.

Some shippers absorb their average material cost in the price of the item being sold. Some don't.

Some shippers absorb labor costs in the pricing of the item. Some don't.

Some shippers absorb additional costs of transportation, whether vehicle, gas, milage, etc. Some don't.


Pickup from the seller or buy in person at shows, and then shipping costs aren't applicable.

Otherwise, the buyer always has the personal choice to buy or not to buy.

Ron Bettin
Posted By: 59fairlane

Re: Shipping Prices - Sun Apr 13 2008 10:09 PM

Oh yeah......I have been dealing with this to. I definatley look at shipping costs before I buy.

I just sold an old coffee can to Canada and it was 6.60 or something like that first class international USPS. I always offer cheapest shiping possible and only actual costs. I try to do business with same. People who include tape and box costs and time into it I tell them thats called the price of doing business. Put a reserve or start your item where you think you need to be if you want to go that route.

I bought a print I really wanted and I didn't pay much but the seller charged $10 to ship a tube regular mail. When I asked him why, he said he only ships priority and the cost of the tube from Staples. when it arrived it was not shipped priority and it was in a recycled tube. I then informed him he can get priority tubes from USPS for free and called him on his tube and that if he bought that at Staples he was an idiot. Lets just say I never heard back from him.

Shipping costs have risin slightly. I know USPS now bases costs on package dimensions as well as weight now. Any big packages your better off through UPS anyway.

And by the way DB means what he says. He's a first class person to deal with.
Posted By: oldnfuelish

Re: Shipping Prices - Sun Apr 13 2008 10:10 PM

maybe a trickle down? hey everything is higher now so it cost more to do anything! just an opinion
Posted By: 59fairlane

Re: Shipping Prices - Sun Apr 13 2008 10:11 PM

Good points bettin'

Maybe thats why show attendances have been good.
Posted By: +Chris Holt

Re: Shipping Prices - Sun Apr 13 2008 10:51 PM

One of the buys I did make and wish I hadn't was an empty quart can , we're talking maybe a 1/2 lb in weight, The seller wraped it in the sunday comics, stuffed it in a Quaker Oats can and shipped USPO which took about 5 days to get it for 16.40, the can was 10.00 when I questioned him about the shipping Price he said that he was going out of town and would ship it overnight, Yeah right , now I found this can on ebay with about 5 minutes to go and not enought time to contact the seller for the shipping cost but his ad said " Will Only Charge actual shipping cost ", so I bid , won the can and as far as I'm conserned he jacked the shipping deliberitly because he didn't think he got enough for the can, and if you dispute it Ebay does nothing the seller will give you low feedback so your screwed If you looked this passed week at some of the empty quart cans that where on ebay a lot were well over 20.00 for shipping and thats just a total rip off. Ron I understand shipping cost if they involve a new box, bubble rap , Insurance and the typed thank you letter and all , But thats called good business or better known as INTEGRITY,theres a lot in this hobby including yourself that have this but its down right theft the way some of theses other clowns are doing business ,and I'm just tired of it.and your right it is buyer beware But it dosen't make it right and by me writing this maybe some of these people that are doing this may read this and question there own Integrity , Hey again sorry for blowing up.
Posted By: Dick Bennett

Re: Shipping Prices - Sun Apr 13 2008 11:28 PM

1 re-lidded can Priority Mail to Chris Holt 48054 $5.20. 1 can to 45133 Priority $4.60.
1 can to 81212 $4.60
Anyone can go online to USPS for FREE NEW BOXES, TAPE, SHIPPING LABELS & OTHER ITEMS. Delivered FREE.
Posted By: Esse's Garage

Re: Shipping Prices - Sun Apr 13 2008 11:41 PM

You can get a assortment of boxes right from usps.com for nothing they will ship you Priority boxes in boxes of 25. This is what I do as a seller and if you don't want to pay for the higher priority mail you just split the seam and turn them inside out. As far as Tape goes even if it is $6 a roll a roll will tape up alot of packages. The only exception to having to buy materials is if you have a really large Item then you put in your description that you have to charge them X amount of $ for materials and if a buyer knows this in advance they never Gripe in my experiences with having to do this. But I know I have bought a quart can and got nailed on the shipping charges.
Posted By: gasoildude

Re: Shipping Prices - Mon Apr 14 2008 12:00 AM

I think the sellers are trying to milk more money out of the buyers. If they dont combine the shipping on more than one idem they wont get my bid.
Posted By: nochevys

Re: Shipping Prices - Mon Apr 14 2008 02:36 AM

Any quart will fit in a flat rate box from USPS. These cost $8.95 to ship regardless of how much it weights. I recently shipped over 20 mounds of sailboat hardware to Washington State from NY for $8.95. Did the Same with a small 25 Pound anvil to California.The $8.95 boxes come in 2 sizes a 6x6 square and a 6X10 rectangle.There is also a slightly larger flat rate box that ships for $12.95.I'm not sure of the size on that one as I don't have any yet.

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