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Posted By: 1937 GMC

Rare?????? - Sat Jun 09 2012 08:46 PM

Does anyone else think the term "Rare" is over used especially when non-collectors list Petroliana items for sale....this item on ebay is even SUPER Rare !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. 130710115338

I did a search for the word "Rare" on ebay and it came back with 1,811,747 items...maybe some of those are not as "Rare" as the sellers think......IMO; of course their asking price always reflects just how "Rare" they think the item is.

Ok I will get off my Soap Box now.
Posted By: GasolineFiend

Re: Rare?????? - Sat Jun 09 2012 09:21 PM

hahah! This kinda of stuff iritates me too!
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