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Posted By: Steven C. One for our Armed Service Members this 4th of July - Thu Jul 02 2015 11:53 PM
I had been planning this for about a year or so and finally got around to getting it done. Just in time for the forth. I wish I would have had it done for Memorial Day. But just didn't happen.
I bought all the brass and then a friend of mine made the mounting spindle and the rings. I made the eye hooks from scratch and of course purchased the clasps and the mount. I polished all the brass my self. The eagle is just brass coated aluminum from ebay. Couldn't find a good solid brass one for a reasonable price.
The shaft is actually a poplar closet rod stained and with 4 coats of varnish.
I did this in remembrance of every service members who ever served to fight for our freedoms!!
It's actually quite heavy and I don't think the mounting is going to make it. I'm going to get a brass plate that I can bolt the mount to and then spread the load with 4 screws in the corners of the plate.
May God bless America!!!

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That is very nice!Looks great.God bless America and thanks to all our military men and women past and present.Hope you all have a safe and happy fourth of July.Mark
Steve--You put a lot of effort into that! Your recognition is appreciated by every one who ever served! Thank you!

Remember-- All gave some, but some gave all!
God Bless America!
Posted By: Stu K. Re: One for our Armed Service Members this 4th of July - Fri Jul 03 2015 10:28 AM
Very nicely done. Thank you.
Posted By: Oldgas Re: One for our Armed Service Members this 4th of July - Fri Jul 03 2015 12:22 PM
Looks first class, Steve!
Great Job Steve! In a world that seem to be up side down, it's nice to see there is still some sanity and a appreciation for this great country and the men and women that sacrificed it all....God bless..
Damn I love this country!!!!
The fire works are going crazy tonight!!!
Took a picture of the homestead with my other flag. I put this large flag up every patriotic holiday.
God bless our troops and God bless America!!
And gooooooooo Oldgas!!!
This hobby bleeds Americana!! I just love it!!!

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