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Posted By: Clunkmeister Gas pumps? Just to go along with my old Fords. - Tue Nov 23 2021 04:25 AM
I have an addiction. Anything built by FoMoCo from 1949-1959, with honorable mentions up to 1963 1/2 Galaxies.

My 1956 Meteor Rideau Victoria. 4dr hardtop. Total production of 545 cars.

My 1955 Crown Victoria Skyliner glasstop. Total production of 1999

My 1956 Monarch Richelieu 2dr hardtop. Factory air car, total production 913. With air, 2 or 3?

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1955 Fairlane 4dr sedan. Total production? About 200 gazillion or so.
That sedan was a RIOT to drive. 272 Y-Block V8, 3 spd stick, lightweight car, it would up and FLY.

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The car that started it all. A 1955 Fairlane 2de sedan with a 1971 Boss 351 Cleveland out of a Mach 1.

I was a Drill Sgt at the time, between grad and intake of the next bunch, hitting the road for some R&R. I’m driving.

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Check out them tombstone seats!
And the black sheep in the family. My wife’s 57 Chee, ch.. SH.. I can’t even say the name, so 1957 Shiverlay.

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A few more detail shots of the Meteor. That car is really special. In an around me since I’ve been 17, it’s ultra rare, unrestored, and simply irreplaceable.

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Posted By: Oldgas Re: Gas pumps? Just to go along with my old Fords. - Tue Nov 23 2021 02:15 PM
I love all your cars, even that Shiverlay. I'll bet that Fairlane with the Boss engine was fun.
Posted By: Gasman84470 Re: Gas pumps? Just to go along with my old Fords. - Wed Nov 24 2021 03:50 AM
Nice 50s Fords. Had the use of a 63 Galaxie with a 390 in it for a month one summer. That was my rocket when I was 17! 3000 miles and a gas bill I could barely afford.
There has to be a story on the Saskatchewan plated car, snow and Texas!?
I had actually lived up there a few years. The Glasstop out in the winter was a Christmas Card picture, and I had the Monarch while up there.
I’m think g that 58 Skyliner will get a slightly warmed over 390. I happen to have one ready to go. It has a 300 hp solid lifter 352 Interceptor Special V8 in it now. It’s a bit of a special combo with unique badging, etc, but there’s no replacement for displacement, and a 390 can be made into one free running big block with just a bit of work.
That 55 Fairlane with the Boss 351 did things with gasoline other than leak, evaporate, or burn it. I kid you not, when I’d stomp on it, I could almost see the gas gauge go down. But it would seriously bruise the backs of your eyeballs everytime they slammed into the back of your skull. That car was a flippin’ rocketship.
I had a 9” out of a 57 sedan under the rear, and I went over a rough set of railroad tracks, accelerating through 25-30 mph with my foot flat on the floor. The car got enough of a bounce to where it hopped the rear wheels, and when they came down, the torque snapped the axle clean in two. On an uncut 9” Ford. That NEVER happens. But it did. To me. I didn’t lose too many races with that thing.

The 57 is a joy, actually. Joy, my wife, likes it, and it looks good. It’s a popular car, but it’ll be down the road, I fear. I find working on GMs to be tediously mind numbing.
And speaking of running cars, don’t let the pink paint on that Meteor fool you. That car will up and fly. That’s a spring of 56 produced car, so it’s got the new spring color of Coral Mist, the new Victoria 4dr hardtop bodystyle introduced mid year, and best of all, the full Mercury powertrain of a high output Y-312, plus an aluminum intake and a big Motorcraft carb. All crammed into the lightweight Ford body. It’ll run 130 all day long, and barely break a sweat.
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