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Posted By: wocopep

moochink - Tue Mar 15 2016 12:08 PM

Check out this guys scam.Pictures a sign collection on the wall that belonged to his "grandfather". Only problem is none of the signs he is selling are real and none are pictured on the wall. Has been selling fakes for a long time. He goes by the name "moochink"
Posted By: Richard Sponholz

Re: moochink - Tue Mar 15 2016 06:15 PM

What a shame. My mom used to say "a fool and his money are soon parted". Certainly looks true in these cases. People are strange.
Posted By: cormy

Re: moochink - Sun Apr 10 2016 01:34 AM

Read his descriptions...he really puts a lot of time into trying to fool people..
Posted By: huskybob

Re: moochink - Sun Apr 10 2016 01:54 AM

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