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Posted By: kenr

mobil fuel - Tue Nov 01 2016 02:22 AM

i had read the seller of this pp sells fakes. i was looking at it the only thing i can tell that does make it fake is that it doesnt have any bleeding on the other side. with these 1950 signs do the tail have specific shapes. how think is the boarder. i dont see much wrong with the font except the o is lined upped with the other letters. are the o usalley set alittle higher than the M and B

Attached picture mobilfuel.jpg
Posted By: DWSheffer

Re: mobil fuel - Tue Nov 01 2016 03:25 PM

The bleeding on the back has never a bench mark of telling an original, as lots of repros have some blue on the back edge too. If you know what you're looking for, this sign has a couple red flags. I have this repro posted in the known reproduction section on Old Gas. We don't like to post all the problems here on a public forum due to the fact that the repro scums glean Old Gas and other sites for information on making their fakes better. Anymore, I would avoid any IR54 Mobilfuel offered on Ebay.
FYI, a quick look of completed sales for "Mobilfuel" on Ebay shows 23 results. Of the 23 results, 22 are pump plates. Of the 22 pump plates, 21 are repros!
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