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Fantasy Skelly globe on Ebay

Posted By: Rabbitman

Fantasy Skelly globe on Ebay - Mon Mar 13 2017 09:12 PM

I was browsing feebay today and ran on to a listing for one of the fantasy Skelly Aviation globes. It already had a bid on it at $399. The description called it "vintage" of course....everything is vintage! Anyway, I usually don't get involved in the ebay police thing but I have this globe setting on my shelf and it was easy to snap a pic of the T-Ways repro mark at the top and send it to the seller with a friendly explanation that this was not an original "vintage" globe but rather a fantasy reproduction. His globe was in a capco body and I could tell that the repro marks at the top had been scraped off. I had no way of knowing whether he had done it or if he found it that way. He immediately sent me a very appreciative reply saying that he had no idea that it wasn't authentic. His original description did say that he couldn't find any record of what it was so he was already a little skeptical I think. We conversed back and forth for a little while, me explaining a little more about the problems we are having with fakes in the hobby. A few minutes later I got a message and he had ended the listing and is relisting it with the proper description stating that it was a reproduction. I am just posting this to point out that a lot of these sellers have not got a clue what it is they are selling when it comes to real versus junk. They get something and look up a similar listing and just copycat the description and roll on. Unfortunately, there are a lot more sellers that know exactly what they are doing and that's what is turning our hobby in to a guessing game in a lot of instances. At least in this case the intervention may have saved an unsuspecting buyer from getting bit. The $399 wasn't a crazy price, the bodies are worth $200 anyway, but who knows how many bidders may have jumped in before it was done? Like I said, I don't usually get too upset about this stuff and mostly just subscribe to the buyer beware philosophy but in this case I took the time to make the effort to educate the seller and luckily he appreciated it. I guess all we can do is keep trying.....GB
Posted By: Wasatch Man

Re: Fantasy Skelly globe on Ebay - Mon Mar 13 2017 09:49 PM

Thanks for taking the time and putting out the effort to make a difference. Peter
Posted By: PlainBroke

Re: Fantasy Skelly globe on Ebay - Fri Mar 17 2017 12:27 PM

Every little bit helps Gary - thanks for taking the time to educate the seller.
Posted By: Chevrolet SS

Re: Fantasy Skelly globe on Ebay - Fri Mar 17 2017 01:09 PM


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