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Polly Prem Oil Can

Posted By: Signal Gas & Oil

Polly Prem Oil Can - Thu Feb 16 2006 03:03 PM

As mentioned in another post quart cans are being reproduced using very close if not exact art work from rare cans. The ebay seller goes by earlyman34 and advertises FABULOUS FAKES. They however are not marked. With the can in hand you can feel an edge with your fingernail that of a label that has been applied. You also can feel the texture of a wrap if it is in your hands. If sold on ebay you can't touch it. So be carful out there. The following are some pictures to help tell the difference.
First off is a real can.

Second a fake.

The last picture is a fake and notice the detail of the tail feathers. They are not straight and paralell like the original that pollyman picked up on to nail the fake on ebay. Ted

Ted Pam & Ethyl Roach
Lodi CA.
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