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Shell Flnge Sign

Posted By: 41150

Shell Flnge Sign - Fri Nov 14 2003 04:43 PM

The Shell Flange sign is approx. 17x22 painted metal version. Reproductions were made in a limited amount of 250. Recently these have been on ebay and advertised as that. The problem is down the road on resale. The only difference I can see is the reproductions don't have a sign maker marking. The originals were made by American Artwork. Inc.Anyone else that help with this please feel welcome. Ted

The above is an original and very hard to tell any difference from what I have seen in the reproductions.

The above is a poor picture but the words on the inside lower mounting hole say American Artworks Inc. and then a city which I can't read.

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Posted By: rext@worldnet.att.net

Re: Shell Flnge Sign - Fri Nov 14 2003 06:09 PM

Ted I think American Art Works was located in Coshocton,Ohio alot of sign makers started there.
Man,thats Shell is a beauty!Its a damn shame we have got to worry with these guys out to make a Quick buck by reproducing signs & globes,with out marking them "REPRODUCTION".
They are hurting the future of our hobby.Lets continue to point them out & the junk there selling.I could go on about a lot of stuff but I'm pissed so I'll shut up.REX

Posted By: dodogas

Re: Shell Flnge Sign - Fri Nov 14 2003 08:43 PM

I am holding a real one as I type this, it is a different version It says same thing for makers name but on mine it is about an inch up. Mine says Motor oil in the second line, straight, the shell is curved. has 12 rays under motor oil they form a straight line on the tops, many more left and rt on bottom that are horiz. 6 angled rays between Shell and motor oil...Anyone know if that also is repopped??...dodogas
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