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Golden West Pump Plate

Posted By: oltoydoc@vintagegas.com

Golden West Pump Plate - Thu Nov 06 2003 03:37 PM

I don't believe that this plate is original. Does anyone have an original to compare it to? I do know that reproductions of this plate were made. How do we tell the difference? colors? white edge stripe? grommets?

Don "oltoydoc" Sherwood
Vintage Gas
Posted By: Dwaine Buck

Re: Golden West Pump Plate - Fri Nov 07 2003 02:24 PM

Don, with out an original to compare it too,it is hard. You need to find out the years of the company, in order to learn about the grommets. but that don't hold true either, because we find out that in different parts of this country and Canada the sign makers used different gommets, some starred, some not, some stainless some not, some black backs some not. some a full 12" some not, we've been told that 11 3/4 signs are fake, but last year I sold Ted an early Signal pump plate with two red lights, 11 3/4, the oldtimer that gave itto my friend from signal oil . said the first Signal signs were for the doord of trucks at 11 3/4. then Hotcider put one on ebay an it went for 1,200.00 its hard to say. its like that Husky sign you have 14 x 14. not 12 x12??? who knows.

One more little tid-bit.
Ted and I plus the wives, went to the local street fair, theres a old guy that buys stuff from the flee market and sells at the street fair. He had a pump plate hanging. I walk over to see it, and it was a Magnolia , a repo. but he took the eyelets out of an older one and put them in the repop. star back.

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Posted By: huskybob

Re: Golden West Pump Plate - Sat Nov 08 2003 02:42 AM

Also don't forget that Husky did make one pump plate that was about 8.5" by 9.5".
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