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Cities Service Flange

Posted By: K W FRITH

Cities Service Flange - Tue Mar 13 2012 05:35 PM

Heres a Cities Service Flange sign that has me suspicious. These were repopped back in the 80's and I think a few of them are starting to surface. The paint quality on all of the suspicious ones is always the same. The paint has all these little bubbles in it and the entire sign almost looks like its clear coated?
Another Old Gasser brought one to show me at Columbia and the appearance was the same. I have a Kerosene flange that I know to be original and I have a flat sign just like this flange and the paint on both of them is perfect, without that glossed over look like it was clear coated. Also, no paint bubbles.
Every old Cities Service sign that I've ever seen that was known to be an original, had flawless paint and was never shined up like this flange. I'm almost positive that its a clear coating because its kind of yellowed while retaining the gloss.
My own thoughts on the bubbles is some sort of reaction between the clear coat and the basic paint? Maybe applied too early? It just isn't right and I have a hard time believing that Cities Service would have allowed production of these poor quality signs for their advertising. I have held 2 different ones in my hands and I'm scared that these are repops and worse yet, they're plentiful! One more thing--They have all been NOS signs! Funny that there would be that many NOS ones!
Any of you have some thoughts?


Posted By: moore798

Re: Cities Service Flange - Tue Mar 13 2012 05:52 PM

I am like you Kevin,this one is a head scratcher.Looks good at first glance,but skeptical at the same time.Most of us want an item to be the real deal,but move too quickly and later regret it.You have already probably made the correct assesment!JM2C
Posted By: 57tbirdkid

Re: Cities Service Flange - Tue Mar 13 2012 05:55 PM


I believe it is possible to find many new old stock signs, items, ect all at once. Do I think this sign is real? Ehhh not sure...but many of these oil companies began to get cheap in the later advertising. Most signs went to tin and items are not as good in quality. If these signs say we're stored in a box in a damp basement then yes it is possible that this damage would occur. I'm on the same boat as you....many signs are being reproduced today sometimes its hard to tell. Some repros are poor quality and some people really make these signs near to original to decieve collectors. Looks how many advanced collectors on this site have gotten burned. Studying these signs is very important, but I'm sure the people making these signs are doing the same. If I'm on the fence I just walk away.
Posted By: K W FRITH

Re: Cities Service Flange - Tue Mar 13 2012 08:09 PM

I've walked away from 3 of them now! This paint damage could not have been caused afterwards. These are actual little bubbles in the bottom layer of paint. Each little bubble is a nice circle that goes all the way down to the metal yet has the clear coat over it!
All of the Cities Service tin signs that I have are different in that the base paint is excellent and there is no flippin clear coat over it. All of these suspect signs have been the same with the bubbles and clear coat and all are NOS?? Too may coincedences!
One of the ones that I saw was from Ebay and shipped to me by a guy that claimed he found a dozen of them in his grandfathers old station? Yeah, right! Why would any one station need a dozen??? I sent it back----
Posted By: 57tbirdkid

Re: Cities Service Flange - Tue Mar 13 2012 08:43 PM

I do not disagree with you Kevin but bulk plants and oil distributors had boxes of signs. My buddy found 15 texaco marfak sigs in the original box. I found 12 texaco stars in the original box I'm not defending this sign but it's possible to find a lot of the same item in the same place.
Posted By: wfort39663

Re: Cities Service Flange - Tue Mar 13 2012 09:28 PM

At a bulk plant or distributor yes, in a service station questionable.
Posted By: Tankar

Re: Cities Service Flange - Tue Mar 13 2012 10:32 PM

The mounting holes that are offset is correct, the ones that line up are reproduced. I would have no problem buying that sign.
Posted By: keithia

Re: Cities Service Flange - Wed Mar 14 2012 01:39 AM

I have the sign that Kevin questioned in Columbia and mine looks the same as the Ebay one with the bubbles. Is mine real or not I'm not sure. Kevin thinks it is clearcoated but I'm not sure it is compared to other clearcoated signs I have seen. I have a NOS Skelly Coupons flange and it has the same color and gloss as the Koolmotor and I know it is good. From what I have learned on this sign, it is in the exact correct configurations in size, mounting holes and the placement of the the mounting holes and no grommets. I have seen later made painted tin signs with these same bubbles but they were cheaply made Standard signs with the distributors name on them.

I would like to get to the bottom of this sign and I can bring it to Iowa Gas for futher inspection by many people.

By the way, most of the bubbling is in the middle section of the sign and not so much around the edges.

Attached picture citiesservicekoolmotor1.JPG
Attached picture citieisservicekoolmotor2.JPG
Posted By: K W FRITH

Re: Cities Service Flange - Fri Mar 16 2012 12:35 AM

Someone paid $721.01 for it. I hope its real for their sake but I'm still on the back side of the fence! I just won't buy one unless it looks right to me.
Posted By: moore798

Re: Cities Service Flange - Fri Mar 16 2012 12:56 AM

I am afraid I could not sleep at nite wondering if it was real or not after laying down that much cash!
Posted By: K W FRITH

Re: Cities Service Flange - Fri Mar 16 2012 12:28 PM

My point exactly! I have turned down a few deals in the past for that exact reason! If I wasn't dead a** sure about it, I would never be able to enjoy it because there would always be that doubt in my mind! Sad thing but its there with a lot of really nice signs!
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