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1962 valvoline curb sign

Posted By: Bbburke

1962 valvoline curb sign - Mon Nov 18 2013 08:51 AM

There is a 1962 valvoline curb sign on ebay 181264255197. It is posted as a porcelain sign and it might very well be. I had one exactly like it. Made by the exact same company (A.M.) with the same model numbers and it was not porcelain. It had multiple coats of paint and a clear coat. Clearly a metal sign. In the last couple months i have seen a couple on ebay that were posted as metal and a couple as porcelain. One of the signs posted as porcelain definately wasnt. You could tell by the damage on the sign that it was paint. I would like to know if there was a porcelain model of that sign made or are the ones i have seen on ebay incorrectly posted. To be honest, with one that is NOS, being double-sided and having the thick layers of paint. I could see were someone who was kinda inexperienced could mistake a regular metal one for porcelain. Not sure if it always even makes a difference to some people or the over all value of the sign. But, i for one would be kinda mad if i bought a sign that was described as porcelain and turned out to be metal. I clearly dont know it all and im in no way an expert. Just curious what is really going on there. Personally, not a situation i have ever encountered before and im not sure what the truth is.
Posted By: JimT

Re: 1962 valvoline curb sign - Mon Nov 18 2013 09:27 AM

AM- Allen Morrison- never made porcelain signs.
Posted By: Bbburke

Re: 1962 valvoline curb sign - Mon Nov 18 2013 09:42 AM

I thought it was probably posted incorrectly. Thanks for the information
Posted By: Bbburke

Re: 1962 valvoline curb sign - Mon Nov 18 2013 09:59 AM

Dont know how to report. But seller is seems to be trying to pull a fast one. No returns accepted. Always suspicious from people selling items that are misrepresented in description.
Posted By: Dave's Garage

Re: 1962 valvoline curb sign - Mon Nov 18 2013 12:09 PM

Sign is a painted sign and not porcelain.

If you check sellers other listing's you will note seller is using "porcelain sign" as a word in the title box for all their listings for the search engine.
Posted By: Bbburke

Re: 1962 valvoline curb sign - Mon Nov 18 2013 01:25 PM

Not trying to argue with you Dave because you make a great point and are 110 percent right. Plus, i do appreciate you taking your time to answer or help me out however you can. I just feel having an inaccurate title or descrption in any way contributes to the overall problem we see occuring on ebay with all the fakes. Even if its not purposely done or intentionally ment to scam someone. You create an environment were the people who really are scamming, are more easily able to take advantage of the fact that so many people accidently do things similar to what they purposely do. That way, when they do get caught, instead of them loosing their ability to sell on ebay. They get away with it claiming it was an accident. I beleive as long as you are able to read your post and know it says something that isnt true before you publish it, u have an ethical obligation to clear that up. This guy knows his sign is being represented as porcelain and it isnt. It just annoys me i guess. Honestly, its not a big deal to me if the guy is reported or not. As long as the members of our little community at Old Gas are made aware of it, thats enough for me. Thanks for the input though Dave. Truthfully, that didnt occur to me before you said it. Something i can look for in the future.
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