Curved sinclair oils

Posted by: 47reo-travis

Curved sinclair oils - Mon Dec 09 2013 03:56 AM

They must have worked hard to get that artificial curvature . Seems I recall a discussion a while back that black stripes only were on the small signs ? Round lubester ? They could have at least used a gasoline one instead of oils??? 161169567164
Posted by: JimT

Re: Curved sinclair oils - Mon Dec 09 2013 05:03 AM

Are you sure this is fake? (not mine)
Posted by: wocopep

Re: Curved sinclair oils - Mon Dec 09 2013 06:32 AM

Fake. Repop. Aged reproduction.
Posted by: 47reo-travis

Re: Curved sinclair oils - Mon Dec 09 2013 09:50 AM

Yes , it for sure is a repop that someone has worked over , trying to make it look aged . To each there own . The fantasy stuff , I have some that I got as gifts from my kids before I found this sight ,and started trying to educate myself ....and I am learning a lot. It's just a shame that someone is not educated enough that this one has been bid to $ 130.00 so far . That's a $ 20.00 sign . The part that bugged me was the description the seller gives , seems it is not a violation of e bay rules , but sure is misleading IMO . I know this subject gets beat to death daily , but its truly a shame someone has bid on it. That's whats so great about this sight to me , all the info. and education for new collectors, if the choose to be quiet and listen and pay attention.
Posted by: roadrelics

Re: Curved sinclair oils - Mon Dec 09 2013 10:18 AM

this seller had a couple of different curved signs and several more reproductions pump signs and it appears ebay has pulled them...