I finally found a nice upgrade for this single Better Gasoline lens so it needs to go. It is pretty washed as most of these are with a bad spot at the "G" in Gasoline where somebody (not me) tried to clean it from the back side. Never touch these old lenses with more than a dry rag or that is what happens to the old frit! I have it mounted in a nice low profile body but would just as soon sell just the insert only. Either way, it will make some Skelly collector happy until a better one comes along as it did me. These are pretty scarce globes. Price is $750 for the insert alone or $1000 if you want the body too. Shipping extra, exact amount to your area. Might do some trading on other Skelly I don't have or a single Tydol Ethyl 13.5" insert.....Thanks, Gary