Does anyone have an actual Tydol Map that has the "X" code date code on it? I am looking to buy or trade. I would trade for a different date Tydol Map or I have a few Maps from other Oil Company's.

For those not familiar with Rand McNally and Gousha Maps? Most of them either have a Copyright date on them or a date code. The Road Map Collectors Association has graciously provided a website for those wishing to date their Maps.

Long story (too long, I know) short; I am attempting to collect a Tydol Map for each year from 1926 to 1956. I have all years except 1950... Sellers on Ebay keep looking at the 1950 Census date on their Maps and mistakenly figure that that means the Map is dated 1950.

Here is a 1949 Map and a 1951 Map to show the Date Codes on them. (these codes are quite small and I at times must use a magnifying glass to make them out)

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(even my camera had a hard time with this one)
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If by chance anyone has some Tydol Maps tucked away? Instead of having you look through them; in this time period Tydol was using a logo of an Attendant holding a "Our Creed bronze Plaque" in his hands. This logo was sometimes on the front of the Map or on the back... As, so:

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I am hoping that someone will have that "last Map" I need; for Tydol... (I am attempting to do the same thing for Associated. Maps from 1929 to 1956....)

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