I picked up a pretty nice Mobil oil display cabinet this week that was in really good condition. However, the short corner legs that set it about two inches up off the floor have been removed at some point. Those things are so tall I suspect they were removed to allow it to set in a room with a low ceiling or in a tight space. It looks like they were removed long ago from the rust around the perimeter of the bottom. At any rate I want to restore it back to original and need to replace the legs but I’m sure that there aren’t any of them laying around as they were spot welded to the cabinet originally and would rarely be removed. Does anyone own one of these cabinets that would get me some measurements off theirs so I can fabricate new ones for mine? A few closeup pics would also help. They shouldn’t be too hard to make but I need some dimensions to go on. The pics show one from the internet with the legs in place and mine setting on the floor. Thanks in advance for any help!.....GB

Oh, and I am also short two or three shelves. I’ll guess it’s possible there are some extras of those laying around somewhere. If anyone has any let me know. Thanks!

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