This is a national Duplex Miles Little asked me to post for him since he does not do internet. He has asking $8800. Please call Miles at 704-791-1438 for information or to purchase this pump. The other pumps in the trailer are for sale also but I don’t have more pictures other than what is posted here. I do have a few more pictures of the duplex that are too big to post that I can send to you if you are interested in it. Thanks for looking.

1A7602D2-C07C-4C55-894B-70F788D40DC2.png 939E4C01-2F89-4056-8A10-5C6382B9777E.png 358A5788-E9C5-4C56-9F64-F9BF8ED1091A.png 0EA311D9-EDC3-49C9-9935-137852B58CFB.png
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