I am looking to buy a CALIFORNIA/US/395 porcelain shield, as made between 1935 and 1956. I live in San Diego, and 395 ran between there and the Oregon border back in the day. 395 is my favorite route in the whole state and I don't yet have a shield for it! I have a US-6 (multiplexed with 395 for a good distance), and I've got my bear 49 (favorite state route) but... no 395! I would be interested in any style - auto club SoCal (1935-1949) or Cal Division of Highways (1947-1956).

Trona, CA in the dark ... just off the 395; on a main arterial highway from the 1910s.

Conway Pass, 8100 feet up.

Along 395 in Washington is this old glass-cateye marker on a bridge that dates to 1931.

Bald Eagle - near Independence on US-395 in California.

Saving the best for last ... diamond-ring halo at Walker Lake on US-395, March 2008... just a few weeks later I met the woman I proposed to! Coincidence, I think not smile



any questions about road signs - authenticity, value, etc - ask away!

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San Diego, CA - US 80, 101, 395