New Old Stock GULF signs. Qty two:___(1) "GULF NO NOX" and (1) "GOOD GULF" (each pictured). These measure approx. 12-3/4" x 25-3/4". ..Best info I've found was the term " No-Nox" was in use from 1925 until the early 1980's..According to the Pump Restoration Book the Good Gulf logo was used for Gulf's regular grade of gasoline from 1957-65.The book also lists the Gulf Super No-nox with this design as the premium grade from 1957-58.
Thus these pieces are thought to date from 1958-1963 or so... They are made of a fairly hefty plastimeric film with embeded color and awesome surface gloss as demonstrated by in reflections in the pictures that I tried to avoid. Aound the perimeter of their backs are virgin KLEEN-STIK self adhering peel and stick stickers. I don't have a clue if they still work. The PATENT Number on the KLEEN-STIK peel-off is 2191704. Searching the web I get a FEB 27 1940 PATENT AWARD DATE.

Ive been told these plastic signs with peel-off adhesive on the back could have been used anywhere in/on/around a gas station such as outside window glass, the building itself, the narrow wall between garage doors or the canopy pillars. The sheets are light transparent like glass pump globes so they could have even been back lit?
---Price $275 for the pair. Delivered to your door via FedEx---