I'm trying to find information on a Wayne Filtered Gasoline pump. It's made of cast iron and does not have a globe top. It stands about 6 feet tall. Has the Wayne Tanks and Pump Co. logo on the front. The serial # is 3S79. The bottom has a round base about 12" in diameter, but narrows to 8". The stand is about 30" tall. The box on top of the stand is about 25" tall, 14" wide and 11 1/2" deep. This is all cast iron. The pole attached to the side is a metal pipe with a hook at the top. This pole extends another 18" above the tank. When you open the tank there is a hand crank inside that swings out. There is a flow meter inside. It weighs at least 300 lbs. It appears to have been originally green in color. Any info would be appreciated.