I have been asked about bidding on eBay through Oldgas.com several times recently. I really appreciate all the support we get from so many of our loyal users.

The bid commissions that we get from eBay may each be tiny, but they add up to be the leading income producer that pays for the expenses at Oldgas.com. The key for Oldgas.com to get the commission is that the link has to be on our site. Saved links on your bookmarks or favorites don't earn a commission. Links within a Shop Talk message usually don't earn a commission.

Just clicking on the link doesn't earn a commission, but a bid on the item does. It counts even if you don't win. The commission theory is that bringing in interested bidders raises the final value so that the seller and eBay make more money on average.

To place a bid so we get commission, go to an Oldgas.com page that has an "eBay Marketplace" listing of auctions or an eBay seach box. A convenient page with both is available by clicking on "Auctions" on the top of most Shop Talk pages: http://www.oldgas.com/ebaystatus.html

Click on any of the eBay Marketplace auction links, including the search box or the "View all 85 items on eBay" links, and any bid you place directly after that link will be credited to Oldgas. After that, there is no assurance that Oldgas.com will get a commission for additional bids. By returning to Oldgas and clicking on another Marketplace link or search box, you start the process again.

An eBay search box can be found at the bottom of most Shop Talk pages. An auction number or title words can be used there. The eBay Marketplace listings are featured on Shop Talk Petro News, For Sale and Non-Petro forum categories. http://www.oldgas.com/cgi-bin/ubb/Ultimate.cgi

If an eBay auction is mentioned in a Shop Talk message, we would appreciate it if you would copy the auction number and paste it into the eBay search box and click "Search." A bid on the auction reached from that link earns Oldgas.com a dime commission.

Other income producers for Oldgas.com are advertising revenue sharing from Google searches and Amazon.com purchases. By doing your Web searches through Google and shopping at Amazon, you also lend significant support without adding any cost to your actions. Google and Amazon are choices in the drop-down menu of searches available in the blue box at the bottom of most Shop talk pages. Doing business with the banner advertisers on Oldgas encourages them to continue their advertising here. Tell them where you saw their ad.

Any additional questions? Post them here as a reply or click the "Contact Us" link on the bottom left of this page to send me an email. Thanks for keeping Oldgas.com on the Web!

Jim "Oldgas" Potts
Your host and moderator

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Jim "Oldgas" Potts
Your host and moderator