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#115076 - Sun Aug 31 2008 09:57 PM Few thoughts to make Your ebay more enjoyable
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Registered: Sun Jul 06 2003
Loc: Stockton NJ USA
1-Many sellers - me included- were a little unhappy losing the ability to leave a negative feedback for buyers-We stopped looking at buyers feedback as it appeared to be meaningless -WRONG IDEA- many sellers are leaving Positive feedback with Negative comments - No Pay- No reply to emails etc- READ the comments on your bidders- if you dont like what you see cancel their bids and add their name to your blocked bidder list-this will help get rid of them
2-Many sellers of items of "Dubious origin" refuse to take pay pal- they are not stupid- they know that one choice of recourse is blocked- New upcoming rules that they must take pay pal- or some other form of electronic payment will slow them down a bit
3. if you are having trouble with bidder or seller and get a bum phone # when you use your Member contact info- try whitepages.com You will often come up with correct Phone #
Just my thoughts - comments appreciated
Please dont turn this in to a bash ebay post-It is to everyones advantage to share thoughts as to how to make it better for everyone Thanks Don

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#115077 - Mon Sep 01 2008 06:32 AM Re: Few thoughts to make Your ebay more enjoyable
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Well said Don, Some love ebay some hate it, But there is no one that does not moniter ebay to see what's showing up. Some changes stink, but it is still the #1 place where you can get the best price for an item. Rick
"Remember, history that is forgotten is doomed to repeat itself!"

#115078 - Mon Sep 01 2008 06:59 AM Re: Few thoughts to make Your ebay more enjoyable
Wes Hague Offline
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Loc: canada
GREAT IDEAS DON,,,, THANKS,,,, Positive thinking is always better than negative..

#115079 - Mon Sep 01 2008 08:03 AM Re: Few thoughts to make Your ebay more enjoyable
Rick Brown Offline
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Registered: Wed Nov 21 2007
Loc: Little Rock, AR USA
For all of you PalPal lovers. If you have a problem seller, and the sellers funds are placed in hold, it is not over. As soon as the seller reports back to paypal that the item you returned back is not the same, or damaged, you are really screwed. This is where paypal works more for the seller than the buyer. The seller gets his/her funds back, and now you have to fight to get the item back from the seller.

#115080 - Mon Sep 01 2008 01:25 PM Re: Few thoughts to make Your ebay more enjoyable
Alex Offline
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I agree wtih Rick. I have been on ebay for 11 years. Have read too many horror stories about Paypal. Frozen accounts, charge backs, getting the wrong item returned. I am sure there are sellers (we have identified some here on Oldgas) that rip off buyers. Not having payment options puts the buyer at risk. Ebay is favoring the buyer, not the seller. I would still like to see Oldgas develop an auction site here and collect revenues like ebay and do some advertising and this palce would become the best site for oiland gas collectors. Just my two-cents.
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