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#145380 - Wed Jul 15 2009 11:01 AM Re: ECO Tireflator Series 98 [Re: Bernie]
Ron Scobie Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Sat Dec 02 2000
Loc: Hugo, MN, USA
Bernie, I emailed you the service bulletins a day or two ago. Did you get them? There's no charge for those.

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Ron Scobie
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#145404 - Wed Jul 15 2009 05:52 PM Re: ECO Tireflator Series 98 [Re: Ron Scobie]
cggas Offline
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Registered: Thu Oct 02 2003
Loc: northern in.
cleaned the main valve and the strainer on my 50yr old eco and it works great, no need to rebuild it at this time. i only use it a few times a year, but it is hooked up and ready to go. chris

#145411 - Wed Jul 15 2009 07:02 PM Re: ECO Tireflator Series 98 [Re: cggas]
quincy oil&gas Offline
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Mon Mar 24 2008
Loc: quincy ma.
Jack, u seem to be the man when it comes to ECO'S do u have any rebuild able units for sale, what i mean is one that is beat up, that i could work on my safe, i don't care wall mount or pedestal. thx.
im always looking but never find, why........

#145451 - Wed Jul 15 2009 10:52 PM Re: ECO Tireflator Series 98 [Re: quincy oil&gas]
Bernie Offline
Active Member

Registered: Sat Jul 11 2009
Loc: Ottawa, Canada
I finally got it apart and the internal mechanism is pristine except for the shot lengthener. I've bead blasted the cover and am pretty sure I can salvage the chrome pieces. All I'm probably going to need is a glass and face plate. smile



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#145460 - Thu Jul 16 2009 02:25 AM Re: ECO Tireflator Series 98 [Re: Bernie]
Jack Sim Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Fri Nov 10 2000
Loc: St. Louis, MO, USA
My current Service Manual covers spot repairs, not complete rebuilding. I believe these spot repairs were ok years ago, but for most of these units that have been around since 1950 (they are almost 60 years old, they should be completely taken apart and rebuilt.
One good sign that your unit needs rebuilding is to take apart the strainer assembly. That is the three cornered thing in the lower left corner, it has a tube going to it. Pull it out, if there is no rust, or the strainer is still there, just blow it out good and put on new gasket on it. If the strainer has rusted away, or if the chamber is filled with rust your unit needs to be rebuilt. This rust has to go somewhere, the first place is the check valve. Most of the check valves we remove are rusted in and will not move, also rust goes up these tubes and into the main valve, many times cloging up the main valve.

I have also yet to find one that did not have a hole in the diaphragm. If you have to replace the diaphragm you might as well do a complete rebuild because you have to remove all the parts to get to the diaphragm, so if they are just laying there, why not rebuild them.

If you were replacing a wheel bearing on a car, wouldn't you check out the condition of the brakes while you are there? Same thing.

As for the chrome. If the chrome has pits in it, no one can get these pits out, I've tried. The replaters grind them down and down trying to get out the pits, and they still can't get them out of the black lines on the upper "Emblem" and lower "Scuff" plates. And the other thing is that the platers cannot grind then replate, then rechrome, then polish a piece chrome for what I sell it for. Actually the chrome we sell is better than the original industrial chrome used on the old units, ours is much thicker and much shinner.

We have the largest stock of ECO parts on hand. You could build a unit from scratch just from using the parts we have on hand. We generally get the parts out the day we receive payemnt or at the most the next day. I have also been rebuilding these ECOs since around 1985, so we can answer any question you might have if you are trying to do it yourself. If you don't want to do it yourself, we can rebuild the unit for around $135 including parts for normal rebuilds. And we guarantee them.

About two years ago I rewrote the Service Manual somewhat. I pulled out the stuff that no longer applied. Since there has been about 5 manuals printed since 1947, I took the best of each one so my manual would cover all the ECOs. ECOs seervice manuals offered you by others are only photocopies of one of the five old manuals. My revised manual covers all five.
BTW we also have a 100% feedback rating on Ebay in our ECO Stores. Our shipping is withing pennies of the actual cost, we don't use a % figure to determine shipping and we don't pad the shipping. We also ship international including Canada. My heavier items go FedEx because both of my daughters work for Fedex.

While some people call me a gas pump guru, I actually know more about ECOs and can answer the ECO questions much better than the Gas Pump Questions. Both Cindy and I can be reached at 314-427-3943. We don't sell gas pump parts or other new stuff, we found our nitch and are trying to be the best at it as possible.

Please feel free to check out our website: www.petrolianacollectible.com the largest website devoted to this hobby (over 5000 images).

Jack Sim

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Author, Gas Pump Identfication books 1st & 2nd Editions & Air Meter Identification books
We rebuild ECO air meters and sell parts.

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