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#159954 - Sat Nov 14 2009 11:20 AM light bulbs for pumps
56Delray Offline
Active Member

Registered: Fri Oct 16 2009
Loc: The Motor City - Detroit
Ok a very simple question about lighting for a pump. I am planning on wiring up my pump (Tokheim 300) so the lights work to display the face of the computer and the globe. I wondered if CFL (compact flourecent) would give a nice look? It would be a "brighter and whiter".

The second part of the question is what size bulbs are you using on your pumps? Regular bulbs sizes are OK. I imagine a globe needs the right size bulb to look good. Too big and the image would be washed out. Too small and you might be able to see it well. My globe is a repo with a plastic housing if that is important in your answer.

Let me know what works well for you.

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#159955 - Sat Nov 14 2009 11:27 AM Re: light bulbs for pumps [Re: 56Delray]
EJ396 Offline

Registered: Fri Nov 13 2009
Loc: NWOhio
I use 25 watt incandecent bulbs. I have thoughtr about the CFL. but have not tried them out.

#159957 - Sat Nov 14 2009 11:29 AM Re: light bulbs for pumps [Re: 56Delray]
s932 Offline
Company of the Month Host

Registered: Thu Jan 18 2007
Loc: cape girardeau. mo
I use those new florecent bulbs and i like the 60 watt brightness that only uses 13 watts. These bulbs also keep the globe bodies cool. The only draw back is if you have your pump on a dimmer switch those bulbs wont work.
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#159959 - Sat Nov 14 2009 11:34 AM Re: light bulbs for pumps [Re: 56Delray]
r49th Offline
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Thu Dec 18 2003
Loc: clio, michigan usa
For the ad glass panels and globes I go for a 15 watt light bulb. It is surprising how much heat anything larger can generate and the glass can get quite hot. These don't seem to be all that much dimmer.
My outdoor pump has the Small flourescent bulbs [on a timer] and they work fine.
ROD [Mich.]

#159965 - Sat Nov 14 2009 11:54 AM Re: light bulbs for pumps [Re: r49th]
Veteran Member

Registered: Sat Sep 23 2006
Loc: Cameron Park,Ca.
I like the CFLs because their light seems to be more even. I use the 40s. I do have a 60 in a Bennett 541 and it lights up the globe, faces and ad glass nicely with one bulb.
These pumps have CFLs in them. The Richfield is the one with only one 60 in it.
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#160013 - Sat Nov 14 2009 05:45 PM Re: light bulbs for pumps [Re: MATT ALVAREZ]
philmccauley Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Thu Jul 26 2001
Loc: Bardstown, KY USA
The 40 watt CFL's will suffice for the faces, I like the 60 watt ones for the globes. Matt, sell me some of that garbage to free up some room in your garage. LOL
Thanks, Phil
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#160017 - Sat Nov 14 2009 06:13 PM Re: light bulbs for pumps [Re: philmccauley]
Alex Offline
Moderator, Value Forum

Registered: Mon Dec 08 2003
Loc: Butte, Montana USA
I don't know if it is an urban myth, but I have been told by a couple of electricians not to use CFLs with a dimmer. Seems to be an issue of shorting out at the switch. Again, not sure if true or urban myth.
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#160030 - Sat Nov 14 2009 08:13 PM Re: light bulbs for pumps [Re: Alex]
Veteran Member

Registered: Sat Sep 23 2006
Loc: Cameron Park,Ca.
I do not need room in my garage right now. There is ten more pumps on the other side and my 56 GMC still fits in.
I like shoebox pumps

#160045 - Sat Nov 14 2009 10:00 PM Re: light bulbs for pumps [Re: MATT ALVAREZ]
gasoildude Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Mon Nov 29 2004
Loc: Oneida IL USA
Alex looks like one for Myth Busters smile

Phil thats a good idea so the globe can light up nice & bright smile
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