Thanks to all who gave me there views on clear coating and the tips on how to brighten a faded sign with out clear coating it. The sign I have will not be clear coated after all, being it is not completely faded. I won the sign on Ebay and knew the blue was kinda faded by the pictures the seller had posted. The sign is a one sided mid 1930's Standard Of California Ethyl porcelain sign, red, white, blue and yellow color's. Not many one sided signs like this one were made most were two sided and placed in pedestal stands or what we refer to as lolly pop signs now. The lower blue on the sign is faded but after using Meguiar's cleaner wax the blue appeared darker. I might also give Howard's polish a try, as suggested by Doc to further improve the blue color. The other color's are bright and appear fresh considering the age of the sign. I can only think that the blue reacted more to the years of sun exposure, maybe it being a dark color or a poor batch of blue color mix when made.