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#162952 - Wed Dec 02 2009 08:59 PM Re: Johnson Sign Part 2 [Re: Jarvis]
Dale Stephens Offline
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Sun Jan 18 2009
Loc: Alabama, USA
Is the sign you have pictured above the one you are getting or another sign? The one pictured looks like a flat sign to me. But I could be wrong.

Congrats on the flange. Very nice...Dale
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#162953 - Wed Dec 02 2009 09:02 PM Re: Johnson Sign Part 2 [Re: Jarvis]
KZ1000 Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Sun Oct 21 2007
Loc: Mass
Originally Posted By: Jarvis
Don't hate the player hate the game! Now that is funny! So what made him change his mind? He replied and posted in the ad he wanted to let it run than ends it.

It just baffles me why someone will end an auction early, If they get a decent offer and reject it, that same person is going to be bidding at the end, There is no doubt auctions that end earyl are NOT getting the full value. Unless it is one of those cheap B---ards who complain about ebay fees smile
"Remember, history that is forgotten is doomed to repeat itself!"

#162954 - Wed Dec 02 2009 09:03 PM Re: Johnson Sign Part 2 [Re: 1970mach]
gasoildude Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Mon Nov 29 2004
Loc: Oneida IL USA
Very nice buy!!!! Now we all know that you are a player LOL laugh wink
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#162955 - Wed Dec 02 2009 09:15 PM Re: Johnson Sign Part 2 [Re: gasoildude]
Jarvis Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Wed Nov 01 2000
Loc: Evansville, In
KZ, When i see something i really want i ask if they will add a buy it now or will sell it now. You have to because so many others do it. About 99% of the time i get "i want to let it run" and i respond with a "thanks, i just want a chance to buy it now or at the end of the auction". Most of the time i get it less than i offer so i am glad they let it run. LOL

Glad you got it Greg!
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#162961 - Wed Dec 02 2009 09:42 PM Re: Johnson Sign Part 2 [Re: Jarvis]
powerlube Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Sun Mar 26 2006
Loc: Parker, CO
I am guilty of offering sellers money to end the auction. If its an item I have to have, I will continue to bid. Most items I don't bid on if the seller rejects my offer because I am a impulse buyer...
Scott Wright

#162969 - Wed Dec 02 2009 10:18 PM Re: Johnson Sign Part 2 [Re: powerlube]
bruzer75 Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Fri Sep 22 2006
Loc: Grants Pass, OR, USA
Very nice sign. Thanks for sharing.

#162976 - Thu Dec 03 2009 12:07 AM Re: Johnson Sign Part 2 [Re: bruzer75]
philmccauley Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Thu Jul 26 2001
Loc: Bardstown, KY USA
Ditto what Mike said, nice sign Greg.
Thanks, Phil
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#162991 - Thu Dec 03 2009 06:55 AM Re: Johnson Sign Part 2 [Re: powerlube]
Fueluser Offline
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Fri Jun 07 2002
Loc: Schenectady, New York USA
I was going to pass on this topic (making an offer and ending the auction early) because it really gets me mad thinking about it. Not the high dollar items, because I can't afford those but here is and example from last week.

Seller had two porcelain angle lights with a buy it now price of $45.00 opening bid of 9.95. On the opening day I bid the 9.95 price and the buy it now price went away. In his ad he said he had it a long time and had a buy it now price so it would sell quickly. My bid made the seller have to wait the 7 days. Well on day 3 the seller ended the auction after no movement on the price so I figure 1) either he was worried he wouldn't get his $45 or 2) someone offered the $45 though, I'm not sure if anyone looking after I bid would have known there was a buy it now price. I thought that was pretty poor business practice and told him so. If he wanted a certain amount guaranteed he should have put a reserve. And if it makes any difference I am a snipe bidder so my bid never comes until the end. (have to admit I'm cheap but my loosing bids always bumps up the closing bid lots of times smile )

Anyway if its normal items which I think I would have a chance at winning and the seller repeatedly ends the auction early I've pretty much blackballed the seller.

Oh by the way.... Killer sign. Color me jealous.


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#163018 - Thu Dec 03 2009 10:25 AM Re: Johnson Sign Part 2 [Re: Fueluser]
Wes Hague Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Wed Aug 08 2007
Loc: canada
It's still, all about who wants to get the most and who wants to buy the cheapest,,you were hoping to get them for $9.95 didn't want to pay $45.00, until you lost it and you had the first option and passed,,, ( you snooze you loose ),,can't complain if you had the option to buy it now, FIRST ! It's like Colin said, bird in the hand is better than a feather in the nest...( or something like that ha,ha,ha,, )

#163024 - Thu Dec 03 2009 10:40 AM Re: Johnson Sign Part 2 [Re: Wes Hague]
cmeon66 Offline
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Fri Feb 10 2006
Loc: Clinton, Illinois, U S A
Great sign, glad that a real collector got it.You said you may be selling some signs soon, lets see some. Norm Huff
Norm Huff

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