I was talking with an old guy I know and was telling him that I collect pumps, gas stuff, etc and told him to call me if he found anything I might have interest in. He works for the local Utility company and goes into a lot of old buildings and sees some interesting things in basements, etc. He called me today and gave me the address of an old apartment building. He said that there are a couple of "old Shell Oil Recovery Pumps" in the basement. He said they're about 3 foot square and you could pump oil in or out of them. Any idea what he's talking about? He used to run an antique store in town and he said he's seen them at auctions for $350 unfinished. He said both of these are in decent shape and still have the Shell logos on them. He said I would have to track down the owner of the apartment building and see if I could buy them. Anyone know what this guy is talking about? If so, does anyone have photos so I have a point of reference? I asked him if this was the same thing as a lubester and he said it wasn't???