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#19844 - Sun Mar 25 2001 09:05 PM ?orec? - What gas company could this be?

We have a mystery going here in our small town of Pottsville, Arkansas. While restoring pictures from our past, we found one of an old gas station. No one can remember what kind of gas station it was, though! In the picture, we can make out part of the letters. Inside a diamond shape, the first and last letter are too fuzzy to be read. We think the middle letters are "orec". There is a word above the diamond that can not be read. Below it, it says "motor oil." (We think.) We know that the station was later an Esso station. We would appreciate any help you could give us. Thank you! You may contact me at pscar@cswnet.com

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#19845 - Mon Mar 26 2001 10:45 PM Re: ?orec? - What gas company could this be?
Jack Sim Offline
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It would be better if you would place a copy of the picture on this site, then we could all look at, and maybe one of us would recoginze it just by its shape. I'm going to guess "CONOCO."
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#19846 - Tue Mar 27 2001 10:23 AM Re: ?orec? - What gas company could this be?
wfort39663 Offline
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Sounds like your sign said Loreco for the Louisiana Oil Refining Co. of Shreveport, Louisiana. Their sign had a diamond emblem with the word Loreco inside the logo and the words motor oils and gasoline were located above and below the diamond respectively. This logo appeared on different shape signs with some variations in the placement of the wording. This company most likely distibuted in Arkansas due to it's close proximity.
Bill Fortune


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