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#205954 - Sun Oct 03 2010 04:41 PM Worth the wait A-38
Coops 427 Offline
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Thu Jun 19 2008
Loc: Kansas City, MO
I was at Iowa Gas about 12 years ago when I first saw this National A-38 for sale. I had just bought 2 Wayne 60's and was out of money (had to borrow the money for those). A friend of mine bought the pump, brought it home, didn't do anything with it and let it sit in the same spot for 12 years. I have relentlessly been trying to buy this pump all those years with no luck till last weekend. When I went to pick it up it was stuck to the floor from all those years. I'm kind of partial to Deep Rock and I need a blue pump for the lineup. The original color was red but the cracked and crazed blue paint has been on there for many many years. I plan to keep it original as found with the paint and ad glass. I will completely tear it down and clean, wet sand the paint, rewire, install decals, install white cloth hose, etc. in the coming few months. I will post pictures of the completed rustoration. Also, I need an original reset crank and a stainless globe block off plate for this A-38 if anyone has these for sale.

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#205969 - Sun Oct 03 2010 05:20 PM Re: Worth the wait A-38 [Re: Coops 427]
Vermonter Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Sat Dec 16 2006
Loc: VT
Love those pumps. Good luck on the resto.
Wanted: Original Jenney Gas, Husky, Marathon, and Frontier Globes

#205970 - Sun Oct 03 2010 05:26 PM Re: Worth the wait A-38 [Re: Vermonter]
st.rod Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Fri Feb 15 2002
Loc: Edgewater, Colorful Colorado
Great pumps! Passed on one at PPIR swap meet back when. Coulda, woulda shoulda! Thanks for sharing. Would love to add one to the herd.

In memory of DB 9/12/49 - 8/28/14

#205973 - Sun Oct 03 2010 05:41 PM Re: Worth the wait A-38 [Re: st.rod]
Esse's Garage Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Wed Nov 28 2007
Loc: Janesville, Mn. 56048
Great Lookin' Pump!
***Wanted*** Always looking for Oilzum, Kunz, and Husky Cans, Signs and Smalls.

#205983 - Sun Oct 03 2010 06:37 PM Re: Worth the wait A-38 [Re: Esse's Garage]
philmccauley Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Thu Jul 26 2001
Loc: Bardstown, KY USA
Sweet, the ad glasses make it look great.
Thanks, Phil
Looking for any old pumps, or nice 5 gallon cans.

#205986 - Sun Oct 03 2010 06:39 PM Re: Worth the wait A-38 [Re: philmccauley]
s932 Offline
Company of the Month Host

Registered: Thu Jan 18 2007
Loc: cape girardeau. mo
that is awesome looking cant wait to see the after pictures
Originals only for me. Always looking for Simpson oil, Super A, and MFA oil cans and globes.
Shawn Morris

#205988 - Sun Oct 03 2010 06:44 PM Re: Worth the wait A-38 [Re: s932]
gasmelincelr Offline
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Mon Sep 10 2001
Loc: Mass.
Very cool pump, I'm jealous.

#205990 - Sun Oct 03 2010 07:03 PM Re: Worth the wait A-38 [Re: gasmelincelr]
oldnfuelish Offline
FATW Feature Host

Registered: Wed Nov 02 2005
Loc: Antioch,IL
nice pump,sanfords gonna like that one, hey shawn?
Looking for gas,oil related clocks,especially neon and spinners .clock repair available. Mick

#206012 - Sun Oct 03 2010 08:20 PM Re: Worth the wait A-38 [Re: oldnfuelish]
bruzer75 Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Fri Sep 22 2006
Loc: Grants Pass, OR, USA
That is an awesome pump!!!

#206062 - Sun Oct 03 2010 10:31 PM Re: Worth the wait A-38 [Re: bruzer75]
LC 336 Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Mon Sep 21 2009
Nice pump!!!! Be sure and post some after pics.
Looking for anything JENNEY OIL OR GAS

#206064 - Sun Oct 03 2010 10:33 PM Re: Worth the wait A-38 [Re: bruzer75]
sanford Offline
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Wed Oct 19 2005
Loc: Jackson, MO, USA
Cool pump. Mick, you know me too well. I had a chance to buy a globe like that add glass back when I first started collecting this stuff, still kicking my cheap a@@ for not buying it.
Good luck on the resto.

Edited by sanford (Sun Oct 03 2010 10:34 PM)


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