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#209409 - Mon Oct 25 2010 06:38 AM Re: What do I have [Re: Dick Bennett]
marty's Offline
Active Member

Registered: Fri Mar 05 2010
Loc: Rice MN
thats funny dick!what can you expect from a guy who cant figure out he has a bowser when it has the bowser name on the face of the pump. JMO. marty

#209415 - Mon Oct 25 2010 07:49 AM Re: What do I have [Re: marty's]
HI-OCTANE Online   happy
Veteran Member

Registered: Mon Jul 07 2008
Loc: Albuquerque, N. M.
You know we help these newbies here with all their questions. What's if worth ? That's all they care about. And then you try to tell em. And you pm the guy and make a fair offer on the pump plates and he tell me he will sell them to me and send some close up pictures so I can decide what condition they are after gets back from church never heard any thing else from him and then he puts them on ebay. We should at least get a shot at some of this stuff with these guys. Just got stabbed in the back not even a thank you.

#209420 - Mon Oct 25 2010 08:12 AM Re: What do I have [Re: HI-OCTANE]
Jarvis Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Wed Nov 01 2000
Loc: Evansville, In
Let's keep this in mind... you also have guys on this site that i would guessed offered $250 for the pump with the signs so he goes to ebay to sell and get what market is doing.
Now why he would end it? Maybe someone offered him $1000 for it?

The thing is he had peoples interest from oldgas where he came for info. and then never cared about any of us after that.
What a guy does with his stuff is his to do with... but how he treats people in the process is what's not right!

Edited by Jarvis (Mon Oct 25 2010 08:13 AM)
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#209422 - Mon Oct 25 2010 08:34 AM Re: What do I have [Re: Jarvis]
hillsideshortleg Offline
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Sat May 30 2009
Loc: Spokane, Washington
On the flip side if you start shunning people when they look here first it seems like your shooting your self in the foot. Ya win some ya loose some. It's nice this site is here to attract people that have found things, and want values on. You certanly wouldnt want to post a warning on the home page telling people not to ask questions if your going to be gready about it.

#209424 - Mon Oct 25 2010 08:55 AM Re: What do I have [Re: hillsideshortleg]
HI-OCTANE Online   happy
Veteran Member

Registered: Mon Jul 07 2008
Loc: Albuquerque, N. M.
Well it's nice to see what these guys are out there finding. And then come here for advice and tell them what to do with it and how they can get more money for it. I did not low ball him on those pump plates. He told me he did not want to deal with ebay. He could have at least told me he changed his mind or come back with a counter offer or something. Money changes every thing in people minds.

#209430 - Mon Oct 25 2010 09:24 AM Re: What do I have [Re: HI-OCTANE]
Ohio Oil Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Fri May 23 2003
Loc: Northwest Ohio
It's obvious he's not a collector and that he had no interest in becoming one.

It was strictly business for him. He got a good offer and took it.

And...in regard to ending ebay auctions early we've argued that one for years, we have members on both sides of that argument.

I say the site worked quite well, someone that didn't know anything about gas pumps got some good intel and they made their own decision about their items. Usually the complainers are the ones that couldn't/didn't strike a deal.

#209446 - Mon Oct 25 2010 10:14 AM Re: What do I have [Re: Cold Pizza]
Ryan Underthun Offline

Registered: Thu Nov 07 2002
Loc: Duluth, MN U.S.A
Originally Posted By: coldpizza

You told me repeatedly to "just bid" when I asked you how much for the pumps and said you'd let the auction determine their true value.

I have heard this from more than one person.
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#209517 - Mon Oct 25 2010 05:00 PM Re: What do I have [Re: kcroucher]
Old Iron Offline
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Thu Sep 10 2009
Loc: New Mexico
Interesting discussion.Many valid points have been brought up.I think the most valid points for self evaluation are JJ's first sentence and Ohio Oil's last sentence.

I think those thoughts speak volumes about the current status of many in the hobby."I'm in it for a buck".You know,I actually told another collector,"if all it is is about money,then I'm in the wrong hobby".Just something to think about.

#209524 - Mon Oct 25 2010 05:29 PM Re: What do I have [Re: Old Iron]
Bob Richards Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Tue Feb 22 2005
Loc: Longview, WA
We (the members of Oldgas) have been through this many times before. Thankfully it doesn't seem to happen as often as it did a few years ago. A couple of years ago after getting burned a few times, a lot of the more knowledgeable members wouldn't answer questions. Hopefully it won't be that way again, but if it does, I for one will understand completely.

I'm not sure how many are in this hobby, but each collector is an individual and as such has their own reasons for being in the hobby. None of these reasons are "right or wrong". For a reason to be considered right or wrong, someone would have to have the power over all collectors to decide what the acceptable reasons,are.

Some people have been collecting for decades, others will start collections right now, some are in the middle and some will end their collecting. None of these people have to defend their reasons for collecting to anyone. I for one like it that way.

Sometimes that works out well for me, other times I get frustrated and angry.

I remember that many times I irritate some in the hobby while hopefully most of the time I am a credit to myself and to the hobby.
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#209618 - Tue Oct 26 2010 09:11 AM Re: What do I have [Re: Old Iron]
gulfiend! Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Fri Jul 01 2005
Loc: Raleigh, North Carolina
Originally Posted By: Old Iron
I think the most valid points for self evaluation are JJ's first sentence and Ohio Oil's last sentence.

...I completely agree...
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