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#217348 - Mon Dec 06 2010 04:04 PM Re: Most of us all know but reminder Beware [Re: Oldgas]
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Registered: Thu Nov 08 2007
Loc: USA
Please keep in mind the "person who feels he is the object of unfair suspicion" can not personally attack any members. He is more than welcome to post and tell his story but no personal attacks!

#217370 - Mon Dec 06 2010 05:45 PM Re: Most of us all know but reminder Beware [Re: Watchdog1]
Tydolwave Offline

Registered: Mon Nov 08 2010
Loc: Indiana
Mr. Daryl,thanks for your kind reply. Mostly you are correct.However Ebay is just like a "real" auction. The rules are in place,we all know what we SHOULD do and mostly we do. The problem arises when that itty bitty little thing called money comes into play. We`ve all been to real,live auctions and seen the guy in the corner bumping his own goods,with or without the explicit help of the auctioneer. And, no fingers pointed,but we all know someone that does it,whether we admit it or not.Call it a reserve,munimum or buyers premium,it all adds up to protection and it`s the rare individual that will let sopmething that he`s paid 5 k for sell for a few hundred--IF he can help it. I stay away from auctions that I don`t stand a chance at,but play the game at the ones where I can at least have a small chance.Most times something sneaks through.Same on Ebay. I`m cautious, I bid what I want to pay and go to bed. If I get it,great.If not,theres more fish in the pond.Why bother fighting? I must say though that Bongo and a few other newbies I see here seem like they are solely here to provoke. Think like a dog: Sniff him a little,growl a little then forget him and go play in the snow. You`ll be much happier,and you`ll live longer.

#217409 - Mon Dec 06 2010 07:54 PM Re: Most of us all know but reminder Beware [Re: Tydolwave]
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Registered: Mon Mar 04 2002
Loc: illinois
I'm not going to comment specifically about the seller in question.

Don't think for a minute that every "sale" on ebay is completed. There have been cases where shill bidders drove the "apparent" sale price up but the transactions were not completed. What does this accomplish? It raises the "perceived" value of that item. For example: A legitimate bidder may bid $6000 for an item, but a couple shill bidders can run the item up to $10,000. The item doesn't really sell for $10K but it raises the perception that the sign is now worth $10K which makes it allot easier to sell to someone else for $9K!

Then there are cases where the shills run the price up and drop the item on an unsuspecting buyer for an artificially inflated price.

These things do happen, and it they are illegal. I have a friend that teaches at an auction school. He says that the penalties for shill bidding are quite hefty and can include jail time.
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#217496 - Tue Dec 07 2010 10:40 AM Re: Most of us all know but reminder Beware [Re: Lastgas15]
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Registered: Tue Jul 25 2000
Loc: South of St. Louis, MO USA
Good points were made all around.
Buyers need to be aware of all issues that can affect their purchase.
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