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#220850 - Wed Dec 22 2010 04:15 PM Re: You got to love PICKERS TV but it frustrates me [Re: THE AMERICAN GARAGE]
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Registered: Fri Sep 17 2004
Loc: Syracuse,NY USA
Good point, we don't know WHAT they buy after the camara stops rolling.I would be willing to bet it's alot.
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#220856 - Wed Dec 22 2010 04:26 PM Re: You got to love PICKERS TV but it frustrates me [Re: Gas stuff.com]
chadrock00 Offline
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Registered: Fri Nov 11 2005
Loc: Warsaw, Illinois
After talking with them, the pick on the last show where they got the horse racing game took nine hours and the van was jam packed full. The show was only an hour long, so we didn't get to see a lot. They do buy alot of stuff they the public does not get to see. There are in the business to sell, and they have several items sold before they even get back to Iowa. Clients are key in thier business, for that matter any business. They obviously know what people are wnating and looking for. I have about three pages in a notebook of people wanting or collecting certaim things. I'm sure they have three notebooks full. If you asked me if I was jealous of thier job and I said no, I would want you to punch me in the face. "Picking" is basically what I am doing for a living right now, and it's a tough road to hoe. They are obviously doing something right, very right. For every one person that doesn't like this show there is 100,000 that do. I'll take those odds.

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#220885 - Wed Dec 22 2010 06:18 PM Re: You got to love PICKERS TV but it frustrates me [Re: chadrock00]
Vermonter Offline
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Registered: Sat Dec 16 2006
Loc: VT
I agree with Dick, but know that they have actually made a living out of this before the TV show, so I assume they buy a lot more than we see and have another truck or have it shipped. The other night they bought a lot of large items that I do not believe could possibly fit in their van and they never showed a shot of their van with everything in it.
Its entertainment, thats why its on TV. I watch all of those type shows just to see the stuff. I am amazed at how quickly copy-cat shows are spit out which just makes them all get bad after a while.
As for Cat-Mans comment about them passing on things that arent "hot", thats the way it has always been, far before the pickers came along. Thats why my mother has an incredible collection of Stickley and oak antiques valued at 100k plus and paid nearly nothing for it. She picked most of it from the curb destined for the dump. Nobody wanted it because oak was out of style.
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#220886 - Wed Dec 22 2010 06:23 PM Re: You got to love PICKERS TV but it frustrates me [Re: Vermonter]
Lucky's Lonestar Offline
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Sun Oct 10 2010
Loc: Shorewood,IL
I just enjoy seeing all of the cool things they come across. Of course I love to see the advertising, but I love all the, industrial items. Either way they are getting paid to do what we love to do.

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#220889 - Wed Dec 22 2010 06:34 PM Re: You got to love PICKERS TV but it frustrates me [Re: Lucky's Lonestar]
LOU-57 Offline
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Registered: Mon Oct 15 2007
Loc: New York
From their Newsletter MW- Mike Wolfe :
Darby Davis Kubik: When you guys find a honey hole with great picks how can you just buy a few items and leave lots of great stuff behind?

MW: We want it all but you have to remember that a Honey Hole exists because the stuff has never really been for sale before. It's all about timing. There is only 44 minutes to tell the story so the show only features a small portion of what we buy. We usually end up buying a lot more. We also don't walk by the good stuff . We ask but if it's not for sale we move on. The show editing makes it look like we cruise on by.

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