Just a few tidbits here that I would like to share regarding gutting pumps. Please know though that I'm the kind of guy that doesn't try to push my way of doing things. Many think that there way is the only way, their way, that's BULL!! Just a few thoughts and ideas to consider.

Whether you're getting a pump to restore, resell, store for what ever reason, etc., ultimately it will more than likely get gutted at some point. I have about 70 pumps and here's what my procedure has evolved into;
When I go to pick up a pump (or on a good score PUMPS) I take my tools along and gut them on the spot before I load them. I have never weighed a pump before and after gutting but I believe gutting cuts the weight close to half. Some pumps gut easy and some are tough. Occasionally on the tough ones I may remove only the motor and whatever small pieces that are convenient. It takes about 1/2 hour to gut the average pump, whether you do it now or later. The only thing about later are things may be more difficult (corroded bolts, pipe joints, etc.). Sometimes this idea doesn't work very good though due to no light, bad weather, junk yard dogs nipping your shorts, etc., but so be it.
Once a pump is gutted the parts are easily put on the truck and the pump becomes the perfect weight for one (or two is you're lucky) people to handle.

Just remember, more than likely at some point you or your buyer will want that pump gutted. Do it before it guts you and there's no blood lost.

Another thing to think about too regarding having your pumps gutted early on is there are no environmental issues.

Good luck, thanks for listening and remember, "if you do not want to do it this way, that's okay, different strokes for different folks". Thanks the Lord we're not all the same, if we were life would be so BORING!