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#252769 - Thu May 05 2011 08:10 PM My first resto so far...
BIGTOM Offline
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Registered: Fri Feb 04 2011
Loc: Clay Center, KS

bonnet detail

square piece

square piece detail

OK everyone - since I am on the budget to end all budgets, there will be NO SANDBLASTING on this pump - also, no grinding for rust removal purposes. I am using the very effective (and stinky) molasses rust removal. OK, so for any of you out there who are just starting and are on a budget like me AND who just dont have the space for a huge project - here is where I am thus far:

Molasses - .20/lb at the local CO OP 5-10$
55 gal plastic drum off craigslist $5
1 pt molasses to 9 pts water in the 55 gal drum and let soak for a week (2 if the rust is REAL stubborn) and VOILA - the result above speak for themselves.

I underestimated the amount that I would need for the smaller pieces, so that's why they didn't get dipped all the way in the solution, but it made for a good before and after shots. I will be able to get the skins in there, but only a half at a time. I was quoted $450 to sandblast everything and the guy said that he takes his time with his work (and he was 2 hrs away round trip) - so that would have been months. Buying a sandblaster isn't in my future at the moment as I have my half of the garage to work in. Long story LONGER, I have found a way around sandblasting and it cost me less than $30 including gas to the CO OP. I figure a week from now and I will be soaking the skins!!! More to come...


Description: bonnet

bonnet detail.jpg

Description: bonnet detail

square piecesm.jpg

Description: square piece

square piece detailsm.jpg

Description: square piece detail

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#252774 - Thu May 05 2011 08:21 PM Re: My first resto so far... [Re: BIGTOM]
BIGTOM Offline
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Registered: Fri Feb 04 2011
Loc: Clay Center, KS
Oh, one last thing - as we all know this rust is 90 yrs old and it is COMPLETELY GONE from the metal. I am getting pretty worked up about the progress!

#252775 - Thu May 05 2011 08:32 PM Re: My first resto so far... [Re: BIGTOM]
Jarvis Offline
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Registered: Wed Nov 01 2000
Loc: Evansville, In
I guess the paint won't have any issues?
I like the looks of it!!! Keep the pics coming as you go!
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#252776 - Thu May 05 2011 08:35 PM Re: My first resto so far... [Re: Jarvis]
1970mach Offline
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Registered: Tue Jul 01 2008
Loc: Ottawa Ontario, Canada
Ok, so what is in Molasses that eats away at rust? It does a really nice job...keep us posted

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Colin Latreille
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#252781 - Thu May 05 2011 09:35 PM Re: My first resto so far... [Re: 1970mach]
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Registered: Sun Dec 21 2008
Wow.Keep us posted.Looks good Tom.

#252782 - Thu May 05 2011 09:35 PM Re: My first resto so far... [Re: 1970mach]
s932 Offline
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Registered: Thu Jan 18 2007
Loc: cape girardeau. mo
No kidding that looks good def keep us posted
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#252787 - Thu May 05 2011 09:52 PM Re: My first resto so far... [Re: s932]
Bob Richards Offline
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Registered: Tue Feb 22 2005
Loc: Longview, WA
According to this website, it is the vinegar in the molasses that works on the rust.


A couple threads on using molasses on the Ford Truck forum;



This one is about using vinegar from The H.A.M.B.

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#252860 - Fri May 06 2011 11:20 AM Re: My first resto so far... [Re: Bob Richards]
BIGTOM Offline
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Registered: Fri Feb 04 2011
Loc: Clay Center, KS
I watched a few vids on youtube as well and there is a guy who restores cars in Australia who uses the molasses solution in a HUGE watering tank and he just submerges the car parts in the stuff. He says he prefers it to blasting, because the age of the metal and the aggresive nature of he blasting which can sometimes destroy some of the more fragile parts. He even took a REAL rusty (body cancer for those of us who've lived in the midwest) part and submerged it and it came out looking great, obviously - the rust holes prevented it from being useable, but you get the picture.
My goal is to do my FULL resto in one garage space (strict HOA nazis prevent working on this kind of stuff outdoors) and stick to my ridiculously low budget (provided by my tightwad wife) and have a GREAT looking pump when I am done. I couldn't be more happy with the results from the molasses solution - the smell? Meh, who cares.

stay tuned...


#252877 - Fri May 06 2011 01:51 PM Re: My first resto so far... [Re: BIGTOM]
keithia Offline
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Registered: Fri Dec 14 2001
Loc: USA
450 to sandblast a pump is crazy $$$$$. Looks real good so far.

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#252953 - Fri May 06 2011 11:03 PM Re: My first resto so far... [Re: keithia]
Scott Baselt Offline
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Registered: Tue Apr 10 2007
Loc: Gualala, CA
Looking good ! I'll have to give that a try.


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