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#256504 - Sat May 28 2011 07:15 PM Wayne 515
Doug Livingston Offline

Registered: Sat May 28 2011
Loc: Utah
I'm a total newbie here and maybe this is bad form, but I wanted to brag on my Dad for just a bit.

Several months ago, he had it in mind to buy a reconditioned electric of some sort. He found one he liked, but rather than buying it decided to look around for an old visible pump that needed reconditioning and doing the work himself.

He found a Wayne 515 and now, for the most part, the project is finished. If I can figure out how to do it correctly, I'll post the before and after pics. AS you can see, it was in rough shape (and the back side was worse!).

I think you'll agree, my Dad does excellent work.

The pump has a feature on it that neither one of us quite understand. The valve that releases the fuel from the glass tank is joined by a linkage to a small lever/flag/something-or-other located on the side near the covered return pipe. Very near that, on the outside of the pump, a little bracket made of sheet metal is spot-welded to the skin. We are under the impression that it is part of an indicator of some sort that maybe told the attendant in the valve was open or closed.

We're just guessing, but hoping that one of you might know more about this. If so, please point us in the right direction!

Wayne 515 BEFORE.jpg

Description: Wayne 515 BEFORE

Wayne 515 AFTER.jpg

Description: Wayne 515 AFTER

Wayne 515 upper linkage.jpg

Description: Upper end of linkage

Wayne 515 lower linkage.jpg

Description: Lower linkage

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#256510 - Sat May 28 2011 07:37 PM Re: Wayne 515 [Re: Doug Livingston]
oilmanpat Offline
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Sat Nov 18 2006
Loc: Warsaw,Il.62379
I'd say your Da did a super job.

#256551 - Sun May 29 2011 06:33 AM Re: Wayne 515 [Re: oilmanpat]
42packard Offline
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Tue May 02 2006
Loc: Allyn, Wa
Nice job on the restoration

I have sent you a PM on how it works

#256598 - Sun May 29 2011 11:57 AM Re: Wayne 515 [Re: 42packard]
gasmelincelr Offline
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Mon Sep 10 2001
Loc: Mass.
Nice pump. I like how you solved the globe to ceiling clearance issue.

#256679 - Sun May 29 2011 08:56 PM Re: Wayne 515 [Re: Doug Livingston]
Doug Livingston Offline

Registered: Sat May 28 2011
Loc: Utah
Mystery solved!

Jerry, your documentation was wonderfully helpful. Thank you once again.

If I've got it figured out correctly, it works like this:
When buttoning things up at night, the attendant would unlock and open the drain back cover. The nozzle would be placed in it and given a little twist to seal the connection. At the same time, the handle would be pulled dispensing the gas into the drain back pipe. With the handle thus engaged it can be locked in place with a padlock through the nozzle and the little sheetmetal bracket nearby.

I hadn't thought of it this way until Jerry pointed it out, but the handle also depresses the lever connnected by a linkage to the serve valve ensuring that it opens. I had been looking at it the other way about as a mechanism "driven" by the serve valve handle.

The original nozzle on Dad's pump must have been replaced or reworked. It doesn't seem to be one with the sealing mechanism, but the idea is nonetheless clear.

Without knowing better, I was thinking that parts acuated by the lever were missing and the pump still needed a few itens to be complete. Looking at it with these new eyes, that no longer appears to be the case.

Jerry, those drawings and instructions were fantastic. Where in the world did you get them?

#256683 - Sun May 29 2011 09:14 PM Re: Wayne 515 [Re: gasmelincelr]
Doug Livingston Offline

Registered: Sat May 28 2011
Loc: Utah
Funny you should mention the clearance issue...

Dad has the original round lens set and a repop (am I using that term correctly?) ring that he wanted to mount, but it's too tall by about an inch. So, they sit nearby as a lamp. I'd attach a pic but I can't figure out how to do that on a reply post.

#256692 - Sun May 29 2011 09:54 PM Re: Wayne 515 [Re: Doug Livingston]
Nicole Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Thu Dec 09 2010
Loc: Maryland
Instead of using the 'quick' reply under the last message, instead click on the reply tag at the bottom of the last message and the file manager pops up that you can use to attach your image files... : )


If you click on the full reply button under the quick reply, you get the same screen with the file manager.

Edited by Nicole (Sun May 29 2011 09:56 PM)

#256702 - Sun May 29 2011 10:42 PM Re: Wayne 515 [Re: Nicole]
Dick Bennett Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Wed Oct 25 2000
Loc: Santa Paula, Calif
By twisting the nozzle it locked it into drain back, was not a tight seal, then padlocked. Nozzle were the most replaced item on all pumps made after 1926. Next item was the Quick-shut off gate valve at bottom of cylinder.
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