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#278329 - Sat Oct 08 2011 01:08 PM Re: Why Do People Leave The Gas & oil Hobby [Re: Oldgas]
skinfxr Offline
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Tue Apr 12 2011
Loc: Kansas
As a relative newcomer to this hobby I can't comment on why people leave the hobby, but for the last 18 to 20 months I've been very active buying signs pumps and even a couple of whole collections. I enjoy researching the items I find--not only their value but the history of the companies etc. That's why I like this site. I do post on the value section but not just to use the knowledge to resell but because finding out if I made a good deal is part of the fun. If I can't find values on Matthews or Ebay where else would I go to find out value and history of companies? I haven't sold anything that I've bought. Also I've collected cars for a lot longer than I've collected petroliana and I think many of the issues that have been discussed as to why people leave the hobby are common to any hobby. There are fakes in art cars watches coins. Learning to avoid these is part of the education. I hope the guys and gals that have been at this awhile will continue to help those of us still learning. We're not all out for a buck or to take advantage of the great info here.

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#278335 - Sat Oct 08 2011 01:40 PM Re: Why Do People Leave The Gas & oil Hobby [Re: JW32]
souperhigh Offline
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Thu Feb 23 2006
Loc: Tulsa,Oklahoma United States ...

This hobby would be better off with out the want to be's who try to cheat the people who work hard for what they have.
No matter how hard they have worked.
Lucky for me in life my mentor (my Dad) was a hard working honest man so I was taught his principles. Sometimes people would rather cheat and swindle people for the fast buck then cry when they get called on it.
They usually fade away as people wise up to them.

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#278353 - Sat Oct 08 2011 03:44 PM Re: Why Do People Leave The Gas & oil Hobby [Re: henlovestoys]
s932 Offline
Company of the Month Host

Registered: Thu Jan 18 2007
Loc: cape girardeau. mo
I dont think Souperhigh is the one who threw the first stone. I consider Maurice aka souperhigh a friend of mine he is also one of the veterens that i have been talking about when it comes to respect. Its guys like him that have so much to offer if someone will just ask and listen to what they say. When i first started collecting globes Maurice was one of the first people to help me with my collection. When I shifted gears and started focusing on Missouri companies he once again helped me out with some globes that are very rare and that he did not have to give up but he did because he is a friend a true collector and new that it meant more to me than him. I writing all of this because i dont want to see more good guys like this leave and believe me he is one of the good guys in this hobby.

Edited by s932 (Sat Oct 08 2011 03:44 PM)
Originals only for me. Always looking for Simpson oil, Super A, and MFA oil cans and globes.
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#278382 - Sat Oct 08 2011 05:50 PM Re: Why Do People Leave The Gas & oil Hobby [Re: s932]
Jack R Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Fri Feb 27 2004
Loc: Las Vegas, Nevada
I agree with you s932, Maurice aka souperhigh, is one of the good guys on this site. I also quit posting as much for various reasons but havent left the hobby but do still check the site
most days.

#278401 - Sat Oct 08 2011 07:32 PM Re: Why Do People Leave The Gas & oil Hobby [Re: Jack R]
gasmelincelr Offline
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Mon Sep 10 2001
Loc: Mass.
People leave the hobby because they never stepped all the way in through the door. Maybe it was just a fad, or a trend for them. I will be on the lookout for cool petro stuff for the long haul. I will say this, the best part of the hobby for me is now gone. I used to love to find and purchase a few pumps a year that were either in the wild or found through friends or word of mouth. They're basically all gone now. And unlike signs, I never had to worry about buying a fake pump. Pumps are real.

#278408 - Sat Oct 08 2011 07:43 PM Re: Why Do People Leave The Gas & oil Hobby [Re: gasmelincelr]
Savinsam Online   content
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Wed Dec 20 2006
Loc: northwestern Pa.
I've read all of the posts on this thread & maybe I just missed comments that pertain to the fact that some collectors,like me, are getting "long in the tooth" with no children interested in following up with the hobby. Let's face it, some collectors die, and some go to nursing homes, leaving the family with stuff on their hands that they don't want. Sadly, this is one way some collectors "leave the hobby".

#278458 - Sun Oct 09 2011 07:27 AM Re: Why Do People Leave The Gas & oil Hobby [Re: Savinsam]
Garage-A-GoGo Offline
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Tue Feb 10 2009
Loc: Midwest
I look at this as merely a changing of the guard! One collector may leave for those reasons and many will benefit! The relatives will have an influx of cash from items they aren't interested in and undoubtedly there will be some new collectors born from the influx of items to the market! This will be the future of the hobby once all of the bulk plant finds etc... are gone
Also regarding American Pickers ruining the hobby.... That I believe is an unfair statement. I have seen more new usernames pop up on this site since that show began. They can't all be shysters. American Pickers is a production. I enjoy watching it just to see what some of these people have stashed away! I have heard there will be an episode comming out soon where they go through the Pioneer Auto Museum in Murdo,SD. Be sure to tune into that one. The guy has a fabulous collection!

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#278542 - Sun Oct 09 2011 04:55 PM Re: Why Do People Leave The Gas & oil Hobby [Re: HI-OCTANE]
Old Iron Offline
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Thu Sep 10 2009
Loc: New Mexico
WELCOME BACK ONE AND ALL!!Some of the names up there are,IMO,among the most respected in the hobby.And this time you posted your thoughts in longer posts explaining you positions.I think there is nothing that can improve the hobby more than that sort of honest,well intentioned expressions of informed opinions.I think that is a tremendous improvement that can improve enjoyment of the hobby for beginners and veterans alike.

I must admit that I am one of the veteranswho has backed way off participation at any level for a variety of reasons.Now,I'll watch more and comment more often when I think I have something positive to contribute.Who knows?Maybe we are the ones who can help shape the future of the hobby;whatever that may turn out to be.

#278778 - Mon Oct 10 2011 09:52 PM Re: Why Do People Leave The Gas & oil Hobby [Re: Old Iron]
Vermonter Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Sat Dec 16 2006
Loc: VT
The reasons are numerous and differ from person to person. There is a big difference between people who are collectors, and people who are in it JUST to make a buck who have no knowledge of what they are buying and selling, and really don't care. I appreciate and respect the collectors. The people just making a buck annoy me and I think turn off other potential "collectors" I would also reiterate what others have said about the fraud that takes place. A new guy is scared enough to lay out a bunch of hard-earned cash on something he really doesnt "need",and the chance its a fake will deter a lot of guys. I have steered clear of signs because of this.

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#278813 - Tue Oct 11 2011 06:59 AM Re: Why Do People Leave The Gas & oil Hobby [Re: Vermonter]
Gaspedler Offline
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Sun Feb 04 2001
Loc: Lebanon, Indiana. USA
I don't think many true collectors have left. They have just slipped into the background for one reason or another.
What I see come and go are the "Pickers", like many others have mentioned. And that has been happening long before that show was ever aired. They rear their heads and profess to be true experts trying to buy and sell their finds.
And when they do, the "true collectors" just slip into the background and lurk. Not wanting to be caught up in the rat race.
Eventually they go away, only to be replaced by more "new experts". I have been amazed at the number of New Members in the past year that claim to have 10-15 years of experience.

Plus, like Jim mentioned. Many older collectors have reached a point where they have almost all of the basic items they are searching for. They have been on and off of here a lot over the years searching for or offering others information, now they are down to getting those few high end or rare pieces they need to complete their collection. Like that is ever going to happen in this hobby...LOL.

A lot of the older members here are specialist so to speak. Like can collectors, globe collectors, pump collectors, etc. And many, as some call them, Brand Specific like myself. If your are talking pump rebuilds, globes etc you won't see me posting. But mention something Marathon and you will have my attention.

My thanks to Jim for keeping this website going; and his time spent and the improvements he has made over the years.

#278830 - Tue Oct 11 2011 09:19 AM Re: Why Do People Leave The Gas & oil Hobby [Re: Gaspedler]
Seth Robbins Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Thu Dec 21 2000
Loc: Guthrie, OK. 73044
My involvement in the hobby being quite a bit a different than most (owning Vic's Place for several years), I will of course have different circumstances than a "true" collector. That does not mean, I loved the stuff any less than the next guy, just that my involvement was far more tied to the economics of it than most. So here's what I have to say on this matter:

This recession or depression that started in the Fall of 2007 has had a more profound effect on people than I ever thought was possible. Let's face it, this hobby is driven almost solely on disposable or discretionary income. Not just for the costs of the items we covet, but for fuel, food & lodging to acquire them, not to mention time off. Credit is far more difficult to come by, jobs are scarce, home values are in the toilet, the overall mood of the country sucks. Any hobby/sport/pursuit that requires extra time & money and is not a bare necessity is suffering. For example, I USED to be an avid golfer, so I still get magazines & visit websites etc. Golf courses are closing daily, golf equipment shops have contracted down from 5-6 major retailers to 2-3 major retailers. The bottom line is, I think we are in a natural down cycle in many areas, one that has been going on about 4 years. Hopefully, the pendulum will swing back in the other direction, the hobby along with American Life in general will return to a happier, more healthy state than before.

In my specific case, although I love my new venture and am beginning to experience something resembling success again, I desperately, I mean bring me to tears, miss the oil & gas hobby/business. I miss the customer interaction. I miss the vendors like Mike Slama & Phil Derrig. I miss going to Coin-Op Chicago & swapping all that inventory with Park Drive (heck I was married in Chicago during that show). I miss having the Vic's Place Auction every February. I miss the car shows at Pleasanton, York, Pueblo, Indy, Minneapolis, etc. I miss my big Freightliner & trailer. I miss digging through 1000 pumps everyday. I wish, at least weekly, that I could go back in time and handling the trials of 2007 a little differently. I still buy a sign or pump when the opportunity presents itself, heck, I'm working on buying a farm-fresh 5 gallon Mae West as we speak, but it's not the same for me, it never will be, but I will be back in some manner or another. Until then, I will continue to lurk.....

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#278831 - Tue Oct 11 2011 09:25 AM Re: Why Do People Leave The Gas & oil Hobby [Re: Seth Robbins]
Seth Robbins Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Thu Dec 21 2000
Loc: Guthrie, OK. 73044
I just looked at my registeration date....made me tear up, I remember sitting at the computer registering. Almost 11 years, wow!

#278840 - Tue Oct 11 2011 10:07 AM Re: Why Do People Leave The Gas & oil Hobby [Re: 1968pickup]
gatorgaspumps Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Mon Jun 07 2004
Loc: Walla Walla, WA USA
I think alot of the old timers are still around. They post now and then. I still check this site at least three times a day but don't post that often. I think the old timers had friendships toward each other and as they gradually stopped posting others did too. I'm mainly into pumps now and will answer question on the site when I can. I've got 13 pumps to do this winter so most of my time is spent in the shop. I've seen alot of people come and go, but I still think most of them are still here you just don't here from them. Richard

#278844 - Tue Oct 11 2011 10:36 AM Re: Why Do People Leave The Gas & oil Hobby [Re: gatorgaspumps]
57tbirdkid Offline
TBA Feature Host

Registered: Tue May 04 2010
Loc: NY
There are many reproduction signs, globes, ect out there. Our job as the serious collectors in this hobby is to DO OUR HOMEWORK! Paying attention to the small details on where some of these people who are reproducing these signs make mistakes is critical...Seeing some of the reproduced signs that are aged well is a scary thought. I could see if someone got burned on a sign and they decided to hold back from the hobby for a while...But who forced them to buy that sign? I have gotten burned on a few items, but took that as a learing experience and moved on. The knowledge of this hobby is in our hands. We have many experienced collectors on this site who are the best resource in my opinion. We all just have to be a little more cautious and be "up to date" on what repordutions are out there.

Edited by 57tbirdkid (Tue Oct 11 2011 10:37 AM)
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#278971 - Tue Oct 11 2011 09:21 PM Re: Why Do People Leave The Gas & oil Hobby [Re: 57tbirdkid]
Tom Stover Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Sun Oct 07 2001
Loc: Left Coast
Alot of good/great points & opinions have been stated. I used to check the site daily & post some what often. I, like alot of people that I talk to & see on a regular basis have gone back to their "roots", old cars & trucks. I'm getting close to paint on my '55 Bel Air & if you haven't bought paint supplies lately you'd about ****!!!! Also, I've been collecting off & on for about 20 years. My collecting interests have evolved over the years. I'm about out of wall space & the ceiling is getting a couple of signs hung from it (something I really didn't want to do!) This hobby is strictly "wants", not "needs". That being said, I still enjoy the hobby, just not chasing much stuff anymore.

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