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#31898 - Sun Jul 15 2007 09:10 AM Re: Zirkle auction
briansbodyshop Offline
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Sat Apr 07 2007
Loc: paducah ky
Didnt glenn have alot of pumps too?? What about those?/

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#31899 - Sun Jul 15 2007 09:12 AM Re: Zirkle auction
Seth Robbins Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Thu Dec 21 2000
Loc: Guthrie, OK. 73044
He's keeping his pumps I guess....I sold a bunch of globes for him in my '05 auction, maybe he'll sell the pumps later.

#31900 - Sun Jul 15 2007 09:40 AM Re: Zirkle auction
souperhigh Offline
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Thu Feb 23 2006
Loc: Tulsa,Oklahoma United States ...
Whether at auction live or on the internet if a person wants something and has the money sometimes the final price makes little difference.All I wanted from there I bought with the exception of a couple if items of which a good friend was high bidder.I have done business with Dan and Aumann on internet and in person for years and luckily never been burned yet.
And I know some people on this site just like to start finding fault in others replies and thoughts.
A great way to welcome the new members, I am sure that makes them anxious to post

#31901 - Sun Jul 15 2007 11:15 AM Re: Zirkle auction
hiltd Offline

Registered: Fri May 04 2007
Loc: Bellevue, Washington
Souperhigh nailed it in their reply. As long as I know the condition, rarity and authenticity of the item I'm bidding on, then price in certain situations does not matter. The Zirkle Auction was a good auction....some items high, some others low. The pricing tapered off after the first day....some items got trapped with too many good pieces and would have gotten more in another auction. Pricing on the rarer items was about right.

#31902 - Sun Jul 15 2007 11:23 AM Re: Zirkle auction
huskybob Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Fri Nov 16 2001
Loc: Near Tracy Rock
Souperhigh also nailed it at the end of his reply...... think about it.

"And I know some people on this site just like to start finding fault in others replies and thoughts.
A great way to welcome the new members, I am sure that makes them anxious to post"

#31903 - Sun Jul 15 2007 11:56 AM Re: Zirkle auction
Rich Taylor Offline
Active Member

Registered: Sun Feb 05 2006
Loc: San Jose, CA. U.S.A.
I to, was surprised at top prices on restored signs. Maybe finally, quality restoration on signs is gaining respect, like fine art restoration does. I usually do not buy restored signs but I did buy one at this auction that is restored on one side. Good auction and well run. If a sign is suspect as new the autioner will tell the crowd before hand or pull the sign; it pays to have audio on your computer when biding.

#31904 - Sun Jul 15 2007 05:14 PM Re: Zirkle auction
Hemibird Offline
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Sun Oct 30 2005
Loc: Colorado Springs, CO
I got to talk to Dan for a little bit after the auction last night. Overall we thought some of the pieces brought some strong money....obviously the rare and usual, but looking through the listings, there were actually quite a few bargins to be had as well. I saw several nice pieces that I already own and paid a heck of a lot more for then when I purchased them than what they sold for in the auction. I probably would have purchased more than I did if I were able to attend. Unfortunately the pieces I wanted the most far exceeded my $$ comfort level.

Signs Wanted: Sunset, Clipper, Habor, Indian, Powerlube, Beacon, Sinclar Aircraft
Signs Wanted: Sunset, Clipper, Harbor, Indian Motorcycle, Powerlube, Beacon, Michelin, Conoco MM

#31905 - Sun Jul 15 2007 05:36 PM Re: Zirkle auction
Tom Stover Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Sun Oct 07 2001
Loc: Left Coast
Glenn sold most of his pumps last spring. They pretty much stayed here on the left coast.

#31906 - Sun Jul 15 2007 07:20 PM Re: Zirkle auction
Globes and Signs Offline
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Wed Oct 15 2003
Loc: Columbus, GA
I would have to disagree on the restored signs selling high. Let me also add I was glad to see it, as I do not believe a restored sign should even be considered in the same category as an original. I've never had a sign restored so I have NO idea what it costs to have one done.

Obviously I'm not a big believer in restored signs myself. But besides the 30" Paragon and Sunset the other restored items we're fairly cheap. Plus if the Paragon and Sunset had each been original and in excellent condition they would have been thousands more. And in the Sunsets case easily double in price!!

I wasn't there in person so I have no idea how nice the restoration was nor who did it. A lot of them were advertised as professional restoration, so I would assume they looked beautiful. But a 42" Husky Service sign restored on both sides only brought $3000. Hell I doubt you could get the sign restored that cheap. Plus there were several 30" restored signs that sold in the 1200-1500 range (Fleet-Wing Ethyl and Red Crown General Motors) both come to mine. And sgain cheaper than the restoration would cost.

But I agree with everybody else it was like any typical auction.....Some stuff high, some low, and a lot right where it should be.

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