I recently got this kit it has 48 Dino drive with care molded plastic signs left, 75 watch out for the other guy pamphlets, a cardboard safety pledge dealer sign and some dealer paper work all with original box. From the same place I also got 10 nos 30" x 10" sticker decals. I not only want to share this with you guys but would like to know if this should be sold as mainly 1 lot or individually. Will they go down in value selling them individually and will collectors even be interested in this in a lot because individually the Dino molded plastics are not all that valuable but this amount of them would add up to a hefty sum. I hope I posted this in the right place. Thanks in advance for any advice.
Kind Regards,
Will H

NOTE: I Did have 25 of the molded plastics and the paperwork for sale in a lot but took off the market to try and get some advice after only a few hours.

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