Came across a unique piece today that seemed pretty rare, and wondered if anybody had any info on it. Unfortunately, I didn't get a pic today, but might be in the area on Thursday to get one. This piece was an embossed small sign I believe, that was framed. I am guessing 11x14. The piece advertized "amalie 1-2-3 non-carbon motor oil" and was embossed with a pic of a bulldog on the top left and a cat on the top right. Under the amalie non carbon branding was the phrase..."does your motor bark or purr". This piece was flawless and so was the price. Tried to Google and came up with nothing. Anybody have any info on year or whether this piece has any ties to "freedom" oil due to the bulldog?


Looking for early valvoline, freedom-valvoline, franklin pa items, GLOBES!!