Saw a photo of a gas station the other day that was really cool and would like more info. Tried searching this site and google and came up with a Sears station that was close in looks but larger and newer. The type I am investigating looked like a small one room station with lots of glass, but did have restroom inside. It was a Kendall station from the 30s I would guess? All porcelain with rounded front corners (including the windows) and a vertical pilaster sign in middle above the door (porcelain with backlit panels). You see quite a bit of info on the square box type porcelain stations (Mobil, standard, texaco,Sinclair), I am looking for more info and or photos on the earlier more art deco? style stations. What companies primarily used them? Certain parts of country? Doing some research now, would ultimately like to locate one for sale. Thanks for any input.